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Parents File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Pampers


A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Proctor & Gamble on behalf of parents who purchased Pampers “Dry Max” diapers, claiming that the diapers caused severe rashes, blisters, chemical burns, infections and other ailments. Proctor & Gamble has defended their technology, stating that they diapers have been tested extensively both before and after the introduction of the product in March.

The plantiffs in the case assert that P&G knew or should have known that Pampers with Dry Max had the capacity to harm infants and toddlers. They allege that P&G breached the implied warranty of merchantability, breached the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, violated various unfair and deceptive trade practices acts, and were negligent in the design, manufacture, and failure to warn Class members. They hold P&G liable and have asked for the refund of the cost of the diapers and medical expenses related to the diapers. They also request that P&G recall the Dry Max diapers and regularly test their products to ensure they are not causing harm.

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Since the announcement on May 11th, the law firm Keller Rohrback LLP in Seattle has been flooded with at least 150 consumer calls regarding the diapers. "We've never seen an outcry like this," says Gretchen Cappio, a partner in the firm. "These parents are trying to express that P&G should stop trying to deny the problem or, even worse, blaming the parent or caregiver."

P&G continues to state that the claims are false. "While we have great empathy for any parent dealing with diaper rash – a common and sometimes severe condition – the claims made in this lawsuit are completely false," the company said in a statement Thursday. "One out of every four babies at any given time will be experiencing diaper rash. To attribute these conditions to the DryMax disposable diaper is incorrect and misguided."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada have recently announced their intentions to review the complaints made regarding diaper rashes and chemical burns with the use of Pampers Dry Max Diapers.



This isn't a new problem, unfortunately. My 2 year old got a blistery chemical burn last year from his Pampers Cruisers. My youngest, 5 months old was starting to get a blister from the "improved" Dry Max about a month ago and I was able to heal it and we discountinued our Pampers use and are now using Seventh Generation diapers.
My son, Wyatt, was born April 16th, 2010. Approximately 1 1/2 weeks after he was born, I began using the Pampers Stages Swaddlers New Baby Dry Max Diapers size 1. Immediately following the switch to these diapers, he developed a rash and blisters on his buttocks which bled and cause severe pain for my him. Since this began, I have had numerous dr's visits with my son, trying to determine the cause of his horrible rash and bleeding blistery bottom. Not only have I tried arguably every diaper cream/powder on the market, but we have also switched his formula 4 different times, thinking maybe he had some type of allergy. (None of this has worked, by the way) Thinking it was something in his bowels that was the problem, I resorted to changing him every 30 minutes to an hour, bathing him in between EVERY diaper change, and using corn starch as a powder to absorb anything in between diaper changes. Needless to say this has been a daunting task, and kept me at home with him instead of ANYTHING else! I was notified today of this website: http://oneporkchop.blogspot.com/2010/05/psa-pampers-causes-chemical-burns.html and now realize that the only reason my sons rash/blisters has been getting better is not because of any dietary change he's had, or creams I've used, but because I've been limiting contact between him and these diapers with this impossible diaper changing routine!! Even with this exhausting routine for the last 2 weeks, his poor bottom isn't 100% better.. I'd say it's gotten 90% better, but it still has open sores, which can tell you of how horribly painful it has been for him. As soon as this came to my attention I ran out to get different diapers, bathed him and changed him again (into the NEW diapers I bought.. not Pampers) and sat down to let you all know what's been going on. I am BEYOND upset, this has been such a nightmare for me, I even cried on the way to the store!!!
my son has the same thing all overa him but he uses regular pampers so i think there all the same
My five month old has gotten a chemical burn from the pampers swaddlers. I recently switched to pampers and one day while she was laying on a tummy time mat I noticed a red spot on her back where her diaper touched. I removed the diaper and it appeared to be a chemical burn. It was blistered and in spots looked almost like like popped blisters or like skin was missing. When I first put her in pampers she had no rash or problems with rashes. I also noticed once I laid her down to air it out that it was on her bottom as well. I knew right away it was a chemical burn. She has been extra fussy today and I am sure it hurt s her. I have tried my best to comfort her. It breaks my heart to think that this is happening to other babies and nothing is being done. I feel so bad for my baby girl.