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Pampers Recall Due to Chemical Burns is False Rumor


Pampers diapers have been the subject of a false rumor, being spread by social media and inaccurate websites, and Proctor and Gamble have released a press release in hopes of clearing up the myths.

Jodi Allen, Vice President for Pampers, has said that the rumors involve their new “Dry Max” diaper that is replacing their older Cruisers and Swaddlers products. She states that some parents have been unhappy with the changes and have sought to promote the myth that the newest product causes chemical burns, rashes and other skin irritations.

Pampers has thoroughly investigated reports and have found no evidence that the diapers are causing problems. They have also consulted with independent physicians which confirmed the company’s conclusions. The Consumer Product Safety Commission have also been apprised of the situation and of the evidence collected by Proctor and Gamble.

The Dry Max diaper does not contain any new or untested material. Dry Max Technology is used to make diapers thinner while retaining the ability to “lock wetness in” for up to 12 hours. The new design is also said to be environmentally friendly, as it uses 10% less material.

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Ms. Allen says that, to date, there have been in excess of two billion diapers sold and only a handful of rash complaints, which is common among any brand of diapers. The use of disposable diapers is said to have decreased the incidence of rash by more than 50% since introduced in the 1960’s.

Diaper rash is a bright red rash beneath the area of an infant’s diaper. It does not usually spread out beyond the edges of the diaper, so if this occurs, the condition is probably not “diaper rash”. It is most common in children between the ages of 4 and 15 months. The best treatment for diaper rash is to keep the area clean and dry.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also offers the following tips to prevent and treat diaper rash:

• Change your baby's diaper often, and as soon as possible after the baby urinates or passes stool.
• Use water and a soft cloth or cotton ball to gently clean the diaper area with every diaper change. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the area. Avoid using wipes with alcohol or fragrance.
• Pat the area dry or allow to air-dry.
• Do not use cornstarch or talcum powder. The cornstarch can make the rash worse, and talc can get into the baby’s lungs.
• Put diapers on loosely. Diapers that are too tight don't allow enough air and may rub and irritate the baby's waist or thighs
• Ask your doctor if a diaper rash cream would be helpful. Zinc oxide or petroleum jelly-based products help keep moisture away from baby's skin when applied to completely clean, dry skin
• Lay your baby on a towel without a diaper on whenever possible. The more time the baby can be kept out of a diaper, the better
• Always wash your hands after changing a diaper

Pampers and Proctor and Gamble says that they will continue to work hard to educate parents on the facts surrounding this story, as well as defend the integrity of our product from false and misleading information."



Ms. Allen is lying. My baby received a chemical burn after the first dry max diaper he wore. This was confirmed as a chemical burn by our pediatrician. This burn happened during his nap time, and two hours after I first put the diaper on him he was covered in blisters that pussed up and were so deep that he now has scars. They are hundreds and hundreds of other parents who have also seen this on their children. Pampers has received hundreds of complaints. Pampers is trying to do damage control at the expense of our babies.
I do believe that this is true because are 17 month old got a second degree chemical burn on his bottom that was very bad and had to be taken to the doctor and treated with a burn cream called silverdine witch is used on burn patents. And we did not know where the burn came from netheir did the doctor it hurt to see him in that much pain and him not knowing what was going on he was in so much pain it is healed know this happened about 3 weeks ago todays date is 5-9-2010 but has left a big scare
To Whom it concerns, We have an infant that is just one month old. We started using the "Pampers Swaddlers" on Sunday 4/25/10. We used the diapers only 24 hours when we noticed that our baby developed, almost instantly, blisters on her butt where it contacted the diapers. We discontinued the use of them but we can not find anything that will clear up the burns. We have spent two weeks battling this with a crying baby night and day. We have dried her out all weekend and this seems to have stopped the progression of the burns. I am the owner of two national magazines that have over 100,000 readers as well as a national TV show for the past 12 years. I am looking at running this story in both the magazines and on the TV show. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope that this helps your investigation. Ike Eastman Pres. Eastmans' Publishing Inc. cc Sen. Mike Enzi, John Barrasso.
I don't believe that this is a rumor in the least after seeing my neice covered in red swollen spots everywhere that the diaper touched her! Luckly, I don't use Pampers or any other P&G product on my son but I still feel for my young neice!
This is NOT a false rumor at all. My best friend's 1-year-old daughter now has what at first we thought was simple diaper rash but now looks more like a chemical burn. This has only happened since the tainted diapers were first released into the supply chain. P&G has been extremely irresponsible in not ordering a recall yet.
Are you kidding. My 13 month old granddaughter never had diaper rash until her Mom switched to the new Cruiser Dry Max. She had a terrible rash/burn where her diaper was. Her diapers were switched to Huggies and in 3 days the bright red rash/burn is pretty much cleared up. Nothing else had been changed( detergent, etc.) Recall this product. I want to cry when I think of all the babies and todlers and parents who are going through this painful experience.
You forgot one thing on your list- do not use Pampers diapers as they can leave your child with scars. I think Pampers is making a huge mistake by being so defensive and unwilling to acknowledge that parents aren't just making this up. I changed my daughter religiously and it wasn't until I switched to Pampers Dry Max did she develop not just a rash but open sores and bloody wounds. It affected not just her private area but her legs where the diaper had touched and our pediatrician herself was baffled. It took 2 months of agony my daughter had to endure, nights where I left her without a diaper on in the hopes that it would help along with several prescription medications but nothing worked. Every time the diaper was back on, it hit even harder. I finally switched to a different diaper and within 1 day it was a night and day difference. At 6 months old she now has scars on her legs and private areas. She suffered and screamed every time she was put on her changing table. I'm not sure if you're a mother, but I'm assuming if you are then you'd understand. Myself and other mothers aren't pulling this out of their rear just because. I am upset that my daughter suffered and yet Pampers can't even acknowledge it. Instead, they give a list of "How To's". That's just asinine. Perhaps you should stop pointing the finger for a minute and realize that there IS a problem.
Why would you even put the pamper back on your kid. You should have switched a long time ago.
Just because the label says "max" or "driest ever" or "up to 12 hours" is not an excuse to neglect diaper changing. When a baby soils their diaper it is a parent's responsibility to change it. Can't blame the diaper manufacturers for parent laziness. Just saying...
I totaly disagree. Our daughter suffered a nickle size welt on her butt. We treated it, changed diapers to a new vendor and all was was well for a few weeks. We went back to pampers 2 days ago and she developed the same rash/welt.
Pampers with dry max ARE MOST DEFINITELY CAUSING harm to our children!! I use to be a sole Pampers purchaser--not anymore!! I will NEVER trust Pampers on my most cherished blessings! Pampers have gone down the tubes. When I called to complain, they told me that there is NO chemical change with the diapers. Maybe not, but they don't have the same lining--and IF the supposedly hold more wetness, then there must be some kind of change inside! The lady from Pampers told me that they actually took out some of the little gel things that you see all the time now during diaper changes! How does that make any sense??? "We took out the absorbent material so that they would absorb even more?" Stupid Pampers lady! After my complaint--guess what they offered me? Coupons for free Pampers! What a joke! Proctor and gamble needs to stop calling us devoted pampers brand users LIARS, and start investigating their horrible diapers!
I believe that Pampers new Diapers with Dry Max are the cause of diaper rash i have been using Pampers since my daughter was a new born and she has never had diaper rash until I started the Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max so I am very sad to say that I will no longer use Pampers until they change back to there old diapers. These new diapers have wasted my money and time on doctors visits that should have never been needed.
This whole article is crap! My boy never has diaper rash, ever! 2 pampers dry max at grandma's house and his bottom was bright red, and burned. It is not diaper rash, as a chemist I know a chemical burn when I see it. 2 diapers, only 2 diapers. This facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=230956705705&ref=ts) has pictures, 1 mom tested it on her knee for 2 hours and it shows the burn.
This is so BIASED & not a true story. There are documented cases of babies being very sensitive to the chemicals in these diapers.
I know significantly more than a handful of parents that stopped using pampers due to sever diaper rash - did you get all your information from Pampers? The CPSC is investigating the reports, and I haven't seen any social media "rumors" regarding a recall, only concerned parents calling for a recall and spreading the word about the investigation.
i have used pamper diapers on my son since the day he was born. and i have never once had a problem.He is now 8 months and never has he suffered from diaper rash. I would recomend pampers.
In what way is this a "false rumor"? The lawsuit over chemical burns is real and the trial hasn't even begun. Other than P&G claiming it isn't so, on what grounds has this been deemed false, much less a "rumor". Rumors are things that aren't happening, and the lawsuit isn't a rumor.
My 15 month old grand daughter developed open sores on her bottom after her mother started using these new pampers and when I had her over the weekend and used Huggies it started clearing up. Since her mother has stopped using those new pampers her bottom is getting better, so no it's not just a rumor being spread by unhappy mothers!
there is obviously something wrong with these diapers. we have always used pampers diapers on our son and now that they brought out this new dry max diaper, he has an awful rash, that looks nothing like your average diaper rash. this is not a coincidence. P&G need to take responsibility for this unfortunate problem.
How the hell is 10% less plastic more "environmentally friendly?!" Disposables diapers are NOT earth friendly!!! And what's worse, 2 billion of these were sold. What happens when we have to start burying our own trash in our yard? Would you still use disposables instead of cloth diapers?
They absolutely DO cause chemical burn and severe rashs. We usually use cloth diapers but got the dry max diapers for vacation. I have never seen such a thing on a child. My poor daughter had a rash on every part of her body that touched that diaper. The rash was the exact shape of the diaper. I am pretty sure that is not a coinsidence. Used cloth right after that diaper change and it started going away pretty quickly. P&G Shame on you! You have killed the trust of many of your customers and the right thing to do, and long term business benefit would be to admit it, change it, and apologize. I will never buy any P&G products again. They just cannot be trusted especially with our childrens well being.
The so called rumor is true about the Pampers diapers causing chemical burns on babies. My daughter is suffering from this and it was confirmed by the Emergency room doctor, so Pampers officials should wear those diapers for a day, and then they will see their butts getting the same chemical burn!! Put your money where your mouth is Pampers. Recall your product. How many more innocent babies will have to suffer?? It's an outrage
Pampers with DryMax are harmful to some babies skins and cause extreme rashes. I have been able to gather several pieces of evidence at this time despite Proctor and Gambles complete lack of cooperation. 1. I have been able to obtain company documents that make statements warning of these skin rashes when the absorbent polymer material comes into direct contact with skin. This is contrary to P&G statements in their propaganda that there is no issue when some of this material comes into direct contact with the baby's skin. 2. The Director of Pediatrics of the Hospital where my son was administered made public statements affirming the complaints against DryMax diapers. His statemenst made national news and were very delicately worded because P&G is a donor sponsor to his hospital, like many hospitals. 3. DryMax technology is not supplied to any hospitals in the USA that I am aware of. 4. The only medication that was able to improve the blisters on my son's skin was a medication used for burn victims. 5. Proctor and Gamble officials could not answer a series of simple Yes and No questions in reference to various aspects of the safety of their diapers because as they stated "the answers where not that simple". 6. Proctor and Gamble contradicts itself in stating on one hand that DryMax is one of the biggest recent innovations in Diaper development and on the other hand stating that it is very old and proven technology. This makes absolutely no sense. 7. In the past 4 months we have not purchased or used a single diaper made by P&G and my son has had not even the slightest diaper rash. 8. Why would P&G no simply concede on this issue and admit that there is a problem and alter the design. There are a number of problems. Pampers respresents an 11 Billion business unit and is the largest business unit for P&G. The production equipment that produces pampers diapers are some of the fastest production equipment that was every created on this planet, the human eye cannot even see the diapers, just a blurr is visible while the diapers are produced. With such speed comes extreme sophistication. Once production lines are tooled to produce the new design, they likely cannot be easily converted to produce the old design again or a different design. So any change to the product mix that is sold creates a huge production problem and loss of marketshare for P&G.
I have been using Pampers since my daughter was born. She is now 1 1/2. She has not ever had any problems with any rashes until about 2 months ago. I started noticing little red bumps on her inner thigh that grew over 2 months to red welps about the size of a half dollar. I tried everything to get rid of them & they kept getting bigger & nothing would make them go away. Until one day my oldest daughter reminded me about this issue that I had blown off because she wasn't having any problems at that time with the diapers. I decided to change diapers & the welps went away the next day.So you can say all you want that the diapers do not cause rashes but I am here to tell you that my daughter got them & they went away once I changed brands.