Breakfast in Bed for Mother's Day Just What She Needs


On Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) many families have a tradition for making breakfast in bed for the honoree-of-the-day. No matter what food you serve, the act shows just how much you love and appreciate them. Here are some ideas for a special, healthy breakfast in bed for Mom’s special Sunday.

Number one: Please let Mom sleep in a little. Get the kids up and dressed. They will be very excited to help, and it reinforces many positive behaviors, from learning about healthy cooking, using math and language skills to read recipes and prepare food, and social skills – doing something kind for others.

Select meals that are Mom’s healthy favorites, simple enough so the kids can help prepare, and easy to eat in a reclining position. Make a list and do the shopping the day before so nothing is forgotten. Some ideas for a healthy breakfast-in-bed:

• Kids will love helping with “Shaken Not Stirred Scrambled Eggs”. Break 2-3 eggs into a jar with a lid. Add cheese, chopped vegetables and spices, put the lid on the jar, and have the kids shake the jar until blended. Cook as usual either in a non-stick pan or microwave oven.


Emeril Lagasse’s Turkey Sausage and Pepper Breakfast Pocket – this one takes a little extra time and effort, but a vegetable-rich, low fat sandwich is an excellent choice for eating in bed. There will be plenty for the whole family to enjoy (it makes 8 servings).

• Create a healthy “finger food” breakfast of yogurt and granola, cottage cheese, fresh fruit, assorted fresh breads or muffins (like Banana Nut bread or blueberry muffins), orange juice and Mom’s favorite coffee or tea.

• Mom not a breakfast eater? Remind her that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and make her a fresh fruit-and-yogurt smoothie. Choose a special (clean!) glass to put it in.

Place the meal on a breakfast tray for easy eating and don’t forget the special, creative touches. Cut toast or pancakes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Even if you just make Mom’s favorite cereal, use a doily under the bowl to make it special. Have the kids create a special picture or poem to place on the tray (Dad-don’t forget a love note of your own!). Add the Sunday paper or a vase of fresh cut flowers.

Remember also that a dirty kitchen ruins the special moment, so have the kids pitch in to help with dishes or wipe down counters so Mom can fully enjoy the morning of her very special day.