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If You Live In Colorado, Chances are You Exercise

Colorado hiking

Do you exercise at least three days a week? Too many of us don’t, but the good news is that is changing. A new Gallup poll shows that more and more of us are heeding the recommendations to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week.


Certain cities in the US are known for their great places to get in some exercise. New York’s Central Park, for example, has runners at all times of the day and in all seasons of the year. But what US cities have the greatest number of exercisers?

Three of the top five are in Colorado.

According to a new report from Gallup and Sharecare (a wellness company), the city with the highest exercise rate was Boulder, Colorado, where nearly 70% of residents report exercising three or more times a week. At number two, is Fort Collins, a city to the north of Boulder. Nearby Greeley came in fourth.

Not surprisingly, Colorado is often at the top of the list for lowest in obesity and for having its residents report high levels of well-being.

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The West Coast was well represented in the top ten, with three California cities listed (San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa, and Chico). The beautiful states of Hawaii and Alaska also made the top ten.

Where do Americans exercise the least? The South – again, not surprising as these states also have high levels of obesity and chronic disease such a diabetes.

Maybe this statistic will spur you to exercise regularly if you don’t already. A new study shows that just a half hour a day of increased physical activity may prevent one in 12 early deaths from chronic disease. And it isn’t just “gym” time – just walking a bit more and sitting a bit less had great health benefits.

Walking for as little as 30 minutes most days of the week has a substantial benefit, and higher physical activity is associated with even lower risks,” said Scott Lear, a heart specialist at St Paul’s Hospital in Canada.

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