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Hillandale Farms of New Hampton Joins Egg Recall: Updated List of Brands


Another major US egg producer announced on Friday that it was recalling eggs because there have been laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella enteritidis. Hillandale Farms of New Hampton, Iowa is voluntarily recalling 170 million shell eggs produced since April that were sent to 14 states in the Midwest and West.

The recalled eggs were distributed under the following brand names: Hillandale Farms, Sunny Farms, and Sunny Meadows. They were packaged in 6-egg, dozen-egg, 18-egg, and 30-egg cartons as well as 5-dozen-egg cases. Loose eggs were packaged under the brand names Wholesome Farms and West Creek in 15 and 30-dozen tray packs.

The plant numbers and Julian dates affected are:
-P1860 - Julian dates ranging from 099 to 230
-P1663 - Julian dates ranging from 137 to 230

They were distributed in Arkansas, California, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin.

"I don't know what's caused this current situation, or what the tie is between the outbreaks in these two farms, but we need to find out," Howard Magwire, a vice president of the national trade group United Egg Producers, told the Los Angeles Times.

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The latest recall brings the number of affected products to 550 million eggs nationwide. To recap all eggs that have been recalled, we offer you the following up-to-date listing of all brands recalled:

Egg Recall Brand Names and List:

Wright County Egg Brands:
• Albertson
• Bayview
• Boomsma’s
• Dutch Farms
• Farm Fresh
• Glenview
• James Farms
• Kemps
• Lucerne
• Lund
• Mountain Dairy
• Nulaid
• Pacific Coast
• Ralph’s
• Shoreland
• Sun Valley
• Sunshine
• Trafficanda

These eggs were sold between May and August 2010. Plant numbers include 1026, 1413, 1720, 1942, 1946. Julian dates range from 136 to 229 (the 136th day of the year fell on May 16. An example of a recalled egg product would have P-1946 223 stamped on the end of the egg carton.

NuCal Foods Egg Brands:

• Bayview Large 5dz, UPC 7-17544-30172-1, Plant Number P-1686, Julian Dates 142-149
• Mountain Dairy Medium 5dz, UPC 0-11110-89969-9, Plant Number P-1951, Julian Dates 193-208
• Nulaid Medium 5dz, UPC 0-71230-02140-0, Plant Number P-1091, Julian Dates 167-174
• Nulaid Medium 5dz, UPC 0-71230-02140-0, Plant Number P-1951, Julian Dates 195-210
• Sun Valley Medium 5dz, UPC 6-48065-11432-6, Plant Number P-1951, Julian Dates 195-209

Hillandale Farms Egg Brands:
• Hillandale Farms
• Sunny Farms
• Sunny Meadow
• Wholesome Farms
• West Creek
• Plant number P1860 with Julian Dates ranging from 099 to 230
• Plant number P1663 with Julian Dates ranging from 137-230

The FDA advises consumers to:
• Toss recalled eggs or return them to the store for a refund.
• See a doctor if you think you are ill after eating recalled eggs.
• Keep eggs refrigerated at all times.
• Throw out cracked or dirty eggs.
• Wash hands, utensils and preparation surfaces with soap and water after contact with raw eggs.
• Cook eggs until both the white and the yolk are firm and eat promptly after cooking.



In your list of brand names you forgot to include Hillandale itself. -Robert
when is this going to end, I urge everyone to get the movie, "FOOD, INC." you decide who is ruining America and killing our farmers and their way of life. Our children are eating garbage and poisons passed by FDA, support kevins law, a child that died from eating a hambuger. Be very careful who you vote for as these so called politicians are the ones responsible for our food safety.
When corporations run our farms, our food supply suffers. Another much watch movie is King Corn.
I think it's obvious that Hillandale would be included.
before the tainted egg recall, ever try to figure julian dates? why does every crooked business from BP to Hillandale obscure everything they are required by law to say? it must be that the industry writes the laws, in secret, for the secret, by the secret