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In Health News, KFC Having a Bad Month


In April, KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) has had three fairly negative reports about their health, safety and environmental practices. From a high fat bunless sandwich to roaches and mice in a UK restaurant to paper packaging made from destroyed forests, KFC is probably ready for a new image.

Monday, April 12 KFC launched the much-hyped “Double Down” sandwich, consisting of bacon, Monterey and Pepper Jack cheese, and a gooey sauce between two pieces of boneless fried chicken (you can also get the chicken grilled), much to the dismay of health experts everywhere. The sandwich is 540 calories and 32 grams of fat (grilled reduces the calories and fat to 460 and 23 grams). The sodium content is high, as much fast food is, at 1380 to 1430 milligrams per sandwich.

Before you think the Double Down is a low-carb, Atkins diet dream, the authors of “The New Atkins For You” book out this spring, would probably not recommend this sandwich as a part of their program. While the white flour, high-carb bun is missing (a plus for Atkins’ dieters), the newest version of the diet promotes leaner types of protein and more non-starchy vegetables than previous editions.

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In UK news, KFC has admitted to breaching hygiene rules at one of its busiest branches located at Leicester Square in central London. Environmental health inspectors there said that cockroaches, flies and mice were found during an inspection back in August of 2008. The restaurant had also admitted to failing to provide hygienic facilities for hand washing and engaged in poor sanitation procedures.

The hearing was held last Thursday, but KFC spokeswoman Nina Arnott said, “As soon as we were made aware of the results of the inspection, we took immediate action to bring the restaurant back up to our strict hygiene standards.” Another court date is scheduled for May 10, 2010.

KFC is also under fire from The Dogwood Alliance, an environmental group that works to preserve forest lands in the Southern regions of the US. This week the group launched a campaign called “Kentucky Fried Forests” to encourage the company, whose flagship store is located in Louisville KY, to order paper only from sustainable packaging sources. Currently, research from the Borealis Centre has found that KFC, and its parent company Yum!, sources paper from poorly-managed Southern forests.

It is good timing for KFC to launch its “Buckets for the Cure” campaign, in which KFC locations nationwide will transform the trademark bucket from red to pink in an effort to help fund breast cancer research. Through May 9th, for each pink bucket sold, KFC will donate 50 cents to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. The national partnership is designed to educate more women about breast cancer and has a goal of making the single largest donation in Komen history.



It doesn't matter if it's grilled or not, it's still far too many calories for one meal. Nevertheless, this is what America wants. We are moving away from the carb counting craze of the 2000's and back to our fatty roots. I agree with their description that nobody wants to go to fast food and eat healthy. Also, I like their progression of how foods are reverting back to the unhealthy nature, because after all, we are a fat nation. It's science.
on April 13,2010 i ate at KFC in Espanola NM . Early the next morning i woke up with bad stomach cramps and diarrhia.it's been three days now and i'am still having the cramping and diarriha..
"good timing for KFC to launch its “Buckets for the Cure” campaign" ... are you NUTS. By getting people to buy more KFC (even if they will donate a paltry fifty cents per bucket) is promoting nothing but BAD HEALTH. Would someone please tell me how I go about recalling every dime I ever donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. It's nothing but a scam.