Geneen Roth Unveils "Women Food and God" on Oprah

Women Food and God

Registered Dietitians have long known of Geneen Roth’s work in the field of overcoming emotional eating. Three of her earlier books “Breaking Free from Emotional Eating”, “Feeding the Hungry Heart”, and “Why Weight? A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating” are staples in the recommended guides to ending the destructive patterns of binge eating and using food for comfort. She has now unveiled her latest work “Women Food and God” which further extends the advice on how to come to terms with your relationship with food.

Geneen Roth has been open about her own personal weight struggles. She says that since adolescence, she has gained and lost more than a thousand pounds. She has suffered eating disorders, has been both dangerously over- and underweight, and has suffered emotions such as shame and guilt due to her unhealthy relationship with food.

Emotional eating is eating for reasons other than hunger. Instead of eating for nutrition or out of physical need, a person will eat based on emotions such as loneliness, emptiness, and a need to fill a void.


In her latest work, “Women Food and God”, Geneen expands on an important concept – “The way you eat is inseparable from your core beliefs about being alive.” In an interview with Oprah, she says that these beliefs fuel an obsession with food. To get to the center of the reason of why we overeat, we should really examine how we think of ourselves, such as “I’m damaged”, “I don’t deserve this (good thing)”, or “Goodness is not for me”.

Instead of thinking about food as the problem and dieting/weight loss (deprivation) as punishment, women should look for the underlying problem and begin to awaken to the fact they ARE worth treating themselves well. Kindness, not hatred, is the answer to overcoming impulsive, compulsive, and emotional eating.

Some of the other key themes in the book include mindfulness, presence, and facing your feelings. It is not a diet book or an eating plan that will discuss food nutrients and what you “should” or “should not” eat, but encourages women to experience life, be present and aware so that you can effectively listen to your body, and choose foods based on nourishment and self-care.

Oprah says, “This book is an opportunity to finally end the war with weight and unlock the door to freedom. I’m telling everyone to read it now." Readers of can preview an excerpt from the book “Women Food and God”, and the book can be purchased on