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Mouthwash Uses Green Tea Instead of Alcohol

Dr. Kens All Natural Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Alcohol is used in oral care products primarily as an antibacterial or antimicrobial, but it can be irritating to the cheeks, teeth and gums. Excessive use of products that contain alcohol may also weaken the immune system’s natural ability to fight bacteria and illness. Why not try Dr. Ken’s All Natural Maximum Care Antibacterial Mouthwash – a gentler approach to mouth care.

Green Tea Extract is used as the primary bacterial fighter in Ken’s All Natural Maximum Care Antibacterial Mouthwash. Camellia sinensis – the leaves from which tea is made, including green tea – has been shown to inhibit the growth and acid production of cavity-producing bacteria. A study of 6,000 children in the UK found that those who drank tea had significantly fewer dental caries (cavities) than non-tea drinkers.

Green tea may also have other positive health benefits due to its antioxidant properties, such as a reduction in cardiovascular disease, protection from certain cancers, and possibly weight loss. Can consumers really get benefits from green tea that is only in contact with the mouth for a brief period of time? Dr. Ken Nussen, the practicing dentist and leading natural dental care researcher who created the oral care products, says yes.

“The oral structures [in the mouth] are highly vascular, which means they easily absorb everything they come in contact with, for better or for worse,” says Nussen.

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Dr. Ken’s All Natural Maximum Care Antibacterial Mouthwash also contains other beneficial ingredients, such vitamin C to fight gum disease, zinc chloride to prevent tartar buildup, and papain, an enzyme from the papaya fruit that acts as a natural whitener.

It is also absent of some possibly harmful ingredients, such as artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavorings.

The mouthwash comes in two great flavors – Spearmint Cool and Cinnamon Fresh. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for a 500 mL bottle is $10.99, and it can be purchased through Whole Foods, Henry’s, Drugstore.com, Duane Reade, and Harmon stores.

For more information about Dr. Ken’s oral care products, which also include Dr. Ken’s Toothpaste, Floss Single sachets, Dental Gum and Breathstrips, visit www.drkens.net.

NOTE: The author received a sample of Dr. Ken’s All Natural Maximum Care Antibacterial Mouthwash in Spearmint Cool for this review.