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On A Diet? Here is a Tip for All That Extra Food

Extra food when in diet

If you have revamped your diet in anticipation of bikini season, you may have a lot of food in your pantry that you can’t (or shouldn’t) eat. Here is a tip for a win-win situation!


Summer is rapidly approaching! If you haven’t already started your “get into shape for summer” diet and exercise program, it isn’t too late to start. One of the most popular – and health beneficial – changes in lifestyle is a shift to remove processed foods from the diet and eat more freshly prepared “clean” foods.

But don’t throw away all of that canned and packaged food you’ve bought yet! Rather, you should donate it to someone in need.

WLNS in Lansing, MI notes that while food banks are always in need, summer is the time when they need the food most. Families in need often have young children who are out of school during summer months and the already scarce supply of food becomes thinner.

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However, typically, in the months of June, July and August, donations to food banks and other programs declines.
“It’s really one of those times when people aren’t thinking of giving,” food programs manager Kathleen Clark said.

So if you are shifting your diet away from packaged foods, please consider donating good quality products to your local food bank. According to the Second Harvest Food Bank, the following items are typically the most needed:

• Meals in a can (stew, chili, soup)
• Tuna and canned meat
• Canned beans (not just green beans – think black beans, pinto beans etc)
• Peanut butter
• Canned foods with pop-top lids
• Low-sugar cereals
• 100% fruit juices in single serving boxes
• Canned fruit packed in juice
• Canned vegetables (low salt)
• Complete boxed meals (those that do not require extra ingredients)
• Instant oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat
• Biscuit or baking mixes

Additional kid-friendly options:
• 100% fruit rolls
• Raisins
• Graham crackers
• Unsweetened applesauce
• Cheese and crackers
• Fruit cups
• Pretzels
• Granola bars (without peanuts)
• Juice boxes

Please visit the website of your local food bank to see what they are most in need of this summer. Your loss – weight loss that is – could be someone else’s gain.