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eDiets and Beachbody.com help members lose half their weight


The TODAY show on December 30th featured two people who lost a significant amount of weight using two different website programs – eDiets and Beachbody.com. Both used the programs to modify their eating and exercise habits to lose half of their original body weight. They will be featured among others who used lifestyle changes to lose weight in the January issue of People magazine.

Cristina Taveras started her journey at 326 pounds and wearing a man’s size 44 pants. She has been heavy most of her life, remembering that even at an early age she refused to eat vegetables. The Florida resident, now 30 years old, signed up for an online diet and fitness program through eDiets.com. Over the course of two years, she has lost 145 pounds.

eDiets is a leading provider of personalized nutrition, fitness, and weight loss programs that features both customized diets and a home meal delivery service. It has been featured in Forbes.com “Best of the Web” in the diet and nutrition category and boasts over 2.5 million subscribers since it started in 1997. The meal service, called Deliciously Yours, has been featured as “Top Pick” in Epicurious magazine among all weight loss meal delivery services.

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David Keenan also recalls being heavy his entire life, reaching a top weight of 360 pounds. Too ashamed to join a gym, his sister recommended the Power 90 workout tapes, one of the eight programs offered on Beachbody.com, in 2003. He also modified his diet to include lower calorie food choices. Today the 26-year-old weighs 180 pounds.

Power 90 Boot Camp was developed by celebrity trainer Tony Horton. The program offers six cardio and body-sculpting workouts that last approximately 30 minutes each. The program is offered as an introduction to the popular P90X program, which is more advanced and offers more strength training exercises.

Both Cristina and David show that it is possible to lose weight by becoming dedicated to a diet and exercise program. Cristina mentions now that she does eat vegetables, and continues to exercise regularly. David says that he is not perfect all of the time and “accepts weak moments” and allows himself “cheat days”. Both members understand that it takes not only a healthy diet and regular exercise to lose weight, but also an acceptance of themselves as imperfect humans who have to struggle some days with motivation. But neither are ready to go back to where they were.

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