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CSPC to Issue Warning about Baby Sling Danger


Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Inez Tenenbaum has made a statement to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association that baby slings pose a danger to infants and will be issuing a general warning to Americans about their use.

Safety advocates have cautioned that certain styles of baby carriers, slings that allow the baby to lie in a curved or C-like position inside, can lead to suffocation by restricting the baby’s breathing because of underdeveloped head and neck control in early months. The baby could also turn and face forward and smother in their parent’s chest or clothing.

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Ms. Tenenbaum notes that there are at least seven deaths linked to the use of the sling.

Consumer Reports raised other concerns about the use of baby slings back in 2008 – specifically the “SlingRider” by Infantino which was recalled in 2007- when they caused at least 22 serious injuries because the infant fell out because of a defective strap. The injuries included skull fractures, head injuries, contusions and abrasions.

ASTM-International, a voluntary standards-setting organization, reviewed the carriers that same year to address the suffocation risk raised by manufacturers.
Some of the incidents are due to defective slings, such as failure of the rings or other hardware. Some of the injuries occur because of consumer improperly assembling the sling or wearing it inappropriately.



The CPSC issued a warning, and it was in reference to a few tragic accidents that occured over the past two decades. Those slings were quickly recalled and taken off the market. As a retailer of baby carriers, slings and wraps, and a father who uses many different types at home, I know first hand how important the safety of these products is. I also know it is a top priority of all the manufactures in the industry, and an enormous amount of time is spent ensuring it stays that way. Most baby carrier products come with precise instructions, as well as an 800 support number if mothers/fathers have any questions. If worn correctly, 99% of the baby carriers, slings and wraps on the market are completely safe to use. We welcome future regulation of the industry to ensure the slings, carriers and wraps being produced are safe for our family, friends, clients and the public to use. Kyle K Founder of www.organicbabycarriers.net