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Dietitian-designed F-Factor Diet Focuses on Fiber

F-Factor Diet

While most diets focus on foods to take away for weight loss, diabetes control, and reduction of heart disease risk, RD Tanya Zuckerbrot adds a nutrient to create an optimal weight loss plan – fiber.

The F-Factor Diet is based on the idea that the intake of high-fiber foods help to promote the feeling of fullness and reduces appetite. Fiber takes longer to digest, so essentially the longer one is full, the less they will eat and therefore lose weight.

Fiber can also help control blood sugar levels. When refined carbohydrates are eaten, they are rapidly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. The pancreas releases insulin in response to the elevated glucose levels. Many diet experts believe that the glucose-insulin response is responsible for excess weight gain. A high-fiber diet creates less of a glucose increase and keeps hunger at bay.

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Some of the recommended foods in the F-factor diet include whole grains such as Fiber One cereal, brown rice and whole wheat bread. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts are also recommended. Other foods encouraged are lean proteins such as chicken and broiled salmon.

The menus provided in the book and on the website are low calorie – approximately 1100 calories per day. Since the average American eats more than this in a 24-hour period, the reduction of calories should produce about a 1 to 2 pound weight loss a week. There is also a section to help dieters follow the meal plan while eating out.

The downside of the diet is the promotion of a certain brand of high-fiber crackers that are difficult to find and consumers have not rated the taste well (similar to Dr. Siegel’s Diet Cookies).

The F-Factor Diet published in December 2006 and retails for $24.95 and can be found at most book outlets.

Tanya Zuckerbrot MS RD is a nutritionist who has appeared on many television programs including The View, The Rachael Ray Show, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. She is the official dietitian of the Miss Universe Organization and a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine.



1100 calories a day? One could just restrict oneself to 1100 calories' worth of Mike & Ike candy every day and still lose weight. Not exactly breakthrough research in this book.