Get a Versatile Workout with the Body Bar

The Body Bar

For anyone trying to get fit, there is an array of fitness equipment to choose from. Weight machines are bulky, dumbbells get scattered around the room, and treadmills turn into clothes hangers. One device is thin and versatile and can provide quite a workout either in a gym or at home – the Body Bar®. (No assembly required!)

The Body Bar®, a steel weighted fitness bar covered in an easy grip and durable rubber, was founded in 1987. It can be used for strength and condition, circuit and interval training, kick boxing and martial arts, balance and alignment, and in yoga and pilates workouts.

All ages and abilities can use one of the various products offered by the company. The Classic Body Bar is 4 feet long and comes in weights ranging from 3 pounds for beginner exercisers up to 24 pounds for those experienced and more fit. The Body Bar Mini is a shorter version that can be used in group classes, physical therapy, or to add resistance to core exercises. At 2 feet long, it ranges in weight from 4 pounds to 9 pounds.

As you become more fit, it is not necessary to purchase more Body Bars immediately. The company has recently introduced the Body Bar® Strength Band which attach to any version of the bar. These fabric-covered elastic bands add resistance and come in a variety of lengths and resistance levels.


The newest product is the Body Bar Flex which won the 2007 Gear Awards. Also in 2007, the Flex earned an ION award in the category of Personal Training Aid of the Year. This flexible fiberglass rod can be used for balance and stretching when straight, but offers a resistance workout when bent into an arc. It can be used by all ages and fitness levels.

The company also offers a wide variety of DVDs to help direct the workout. All products can be ordered online at, by phone at 800-500-2030, or by sending an email to [email protected]

Body Bar Inc is also green-friendly. In February 2010, it announced the Refurbished Body Bar® exchange program. Fitness professionals and consumers can return an old Body Bar or any competitor weighted bar to the company and receive a brand new Body Bar® at a discounted price. The steel from the returned bars is then refurbished and encased in a new rubber casing, given new end caps and resold, again at a discounted price.

Managing director Timothy Riley says, “This is just one small way to help environmental sustainability by keeping some steel out of the landfills while providing refurbished Body Bars to customers at discounted prices. This way, everybody wins.”

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) disclosure: The author of this article received a sample product from Body Bar Inc. for this review.