For Help with Weight Loss, Try Nutrition Software

Diet Master 2100

Are you among the many Americans who will resolve on January 1, 2010 to eat more healthfully, exercise more and lose weight? Research has shown that those who track their progress are more likely to succeed in their efforts. Top Ten Reviews offers a selection of the top 10 nutrition software for 2010 that you can use to track calories, workouts, and weight.

#1: DietMaster 2100 by Lifestyles Technologies includes recipe management, meal plans, nutrient databases, and an exercise log in its collection of weight loss tools. The Deluxe edition sells for $24.95 and is supported by both Macs and PC’s. The company also offers technical support by email or phone.

#2: Nutrinote contains both long and short term management for diet and fitness goals. This program also offers customizable graphs and charts, nutrient composition of the diet and how it relates to particular health indicators, and a recipe and food nutrient database. It sells for $39.95. A downside is that it is not supported for use on a Mac.

#3: Diet Power 4.4 receives the “bronze” award, and includes a monitoring of metabolic rate, an eating coach and several options for support. The food log includes color-code options that are more healthful plus information on popular chain restaurant foods. Publisher cost is $29.99, and it is available for Windows 2000, Vista, and XP.

#4: Kathleen’s Diet Planner 14.6 by Better Byte Software is the priciest software program in the top ten. It sells for $71.97, and includes a photo album for before and after photos in addition to the food and exercise logs and nutrient database.


#5: Diet Organizer 2.4 by Mulberry Soft has the ability to set up a calendar to plan your food and activity for each day of the month. It includes a spreadsheet which can be updated throughout the day and show how many calories you have remaining for meals. It can also track body measurements and blood pressure in addition to weight. Publisher price is $39.95.

#6: Fit Day tracks more variables than other programs, including a section for moods and feelings, which can identify patterns that lead to overeating. Fit Day is also a popular website that includes articles written on health and nutrition topics. List price for FitDay 1 is $29.95.

#7: BeNutriFit 1.7 by CMC enterprises is a bargain at $19.95. While it contains many features of other nutrition software such as menu building tools and weight tracking, it is rated lower by Top Ten Reviews because of its difficulty to navigate through screens. Tutorials are available.

#8: Diet Pro 2.0 is another pricy option at $64.95 that includes meal planning, 700 recipes, weight and body measurement tracking. The program has the ability to allow the user to follow a popular diet plan such as Atkins, Zone, South Beach and Body for Life. Unfortunately, a drawback is the lack of an exercise log or database to collect information on the calorie burn from physical activity.

#9: Mealformation 5 by Hines Technology Group is also lacking in some important capabilities for weight loss such as an exercise log, weight, and nutrient tracking. It is primarily a food and menu management database. Cost of the software is $49.00

#10: Do-It 3.2 is also compatible with popular commercial diets such as Weight Watchers. It also includes information on fat and calories as recommended by the American Heart Association. Do-it does not offer weight calculation or body measurements, a menu planning tool, or extensive technical support. Publisher cost is $39.95.