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Make Your Workout Portable with Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS

Did your son or daughter receive a Nintendo DS or DSi for Christmas this year? If you can pry it out of their hands for any amount of time, you may find that there are programs available that can help you with your workout and weight loss efforts.

The most recently released is Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010. The star fitness trainer includes fitness routines to follow that can help with proper form and pace. You can also design your own workout routine, customized by workout day and activity, and maintain a journal to track your schedule and progress. Jillian also offers diet and wellness advice to round out your healthy lifestyle.

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The Biggest Loser! Is another popular trend for group weight loss efforts in companies and other organizations, such as church groups. This program provides tips from Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels for both diet and exercise. The main feature is a detailed digital calorie counter that you can take with you to the grocery store and restaurant to manage your diet on the go. An assortment of “mini games” can make dieting and exercise fun, which will help to maintain your enthusiasm past January.

My Weight Loss Coach is another program geared toward adults who wish to lose weight through healthy diet and exercise. The game comes with a pedometer that tracks physical activity throughout the day. Remembering that even small bouts of activity, such as walking around the office once an hour, parking further away from the store entrance, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator, all add up to burn calories and increase fitness. An Input Reward System allows you to log progress daily or weekly and alerts you to checkpoints achieved so you can celebrate your success.

Quick Yoga Training and Let’s Yoga are two programs that can help you learn yoga poses and breathing techniques. Suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis, the programs offer advice for proper form and how to create a custom sequence to achieve your personal goals. Let’s Pilates introduces you to the practice of Pilates and provides 40+ easy-to-follow workouts that can be done anywhere.

The Nintendo DS obviously does not do the work for you, but offers a tool that can assist you with your weight loss and fitness efforts no matter where you are. And instead of trying to sneak it away from your teen, why not use the Nintendo programs as a way to be more healthy as a family?