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Track Your Workout with the Nike + iPod Sports Kit

Nike+ iPod Sports Kit

Transform your iPod nano, iPod touch (2nd generation), or iPhone 3GS into a personal workout coach with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. A wireless sensor and receiver combination works with your device to give you real-time feedback during workouts and let you track your performance on your Mac or PC.

The 0.23 ounce wireless sensor fits inside of a custom, built-in pocket beneath the insole of a specially made Nike+ shoe. Some users have successfully used the sensor in non-Nike+ shoes by placing the sensor in a Velcro pouch that straps to the shoelaces.

The receiver fits into the Dock connector of the iPod nano. With the iPod touch and iPhone devices, the receiver is not necessary – each device includes built in support for the system.

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Now start your workout. As you run or walk, the sensor sends information to your device, tracking your time, distance, pace, and calories burned. If you choose, real-time, spoken feedback can even alert you to milestones throughout your workout.

Once you are done, you can sync your iPod or iPhone with your computer to track your performance. iTunes 9.0 or later is required, but available as a free download from Apple for Macs with Mac OSX version 10.3.9 or later, or PC’s with Windows 2000 (SP4) or XP Home or Professional (SP2). You will also need a free account at Nike.com.

The Nike+ iPod Sports Kit costs $29.00 and comes with the sensor and the receiver – the iPod device and the shoes are separate. iPods can be purchased at many large retailers or online at the Apple Store. Nike+ shoes can be purchased at footwear retail stores or online at the Nike website.

A downside of this equipment is that the sensor battery is not replaceable or rechargeable. It has a life of 1000 active hours, but will vary based on use and other factors. A replacement sensor can be purchased at Nike.com for $19.00.