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Black Friday Ads 2009: Create a Healthy Kitchen

The George Foreman Grill is one accessory on sale this Black Friday

Black Friday is known as the kick-off to the Christmas season. It is a time that many retailers offer products at their lowest prices to encourage buyers to spend money before the end of the year. But interestingly, according to Consumer Reports, over half of consumers who venture out on the weekend after Thanksgiving plan to buy products for themselves.

Whether you are buying for family, friends, or choosing a gift for yourself, try the gift of healthy cooking this Christmas season. Many people shy away from healthy cooking because they believe that it takes expensive foods and specialized equipment. Use this seasons door-buster deals to save some money and provide your loved ones with healthy food all year long.

The name brand most associated with healthy cooking is probably the George Foreman grill. Sears, Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s and K-mart all have the low-fat cooker on sale for Black Friday. Versions include the original “Lean Mean Grill” and the Jumbo Electric Grill.

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The microwave is an efficient way to cook most vegetables without excess fat. In addition, minimal water can be used for cooking in the microwave, which preserves vitamins that can be released into the liquid. Home Depot has advertised a 0.7 cubic foot 700-watt microwave oven for sale on Black Friday for $25.00. Target has a similar product for $24.00.

Multiple stores, including Walmart and Target, have advertised slow cookers for sale this season. Slow cookers, such as Crock-pot, can create healthful meals that are not time-consuming because the meal cooks while you are busy with other tasks. Lean meat, vegetables, and a bit of low-sodium cooking liquid is all that is needed for a simple, enjoyable healthy meal. 2-quart styles are advertised for as low as $4 and $5. Four- and five-quart slow cookers are being offered at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target for between $15 and $20.

Nonstick cookware allows for low fat cooking, because excess oil and fat does not need to be used to keep the food from sticking to the pan. Many stores will offer deals this season on full sets – often 7 pieces that include 3 pots with lids, and a larger sauté style pan. Menards has advertised one of their 7-piece sets for $17.00. Sears is offering a 25-piece “mega set” for the low price of $24.99.

Blenders are an excellent way to make smoothies that can incorporate fruit and vegetables easily into the diet. Macy’s will be offering all blenders for sale at 40% off on Black Friday. The Magic Bullet Express Blender, often used by dieters and athletes alike to make protein drinks, will be offered at a reduced price at Meijer and Kohl’s this season.

There are many products that can be used for healthful cooking, and many of them will be on sale this season. Take advantage of the great deals on Black Friday to create your own healthy kitchen