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Indoor Air Purification System Proven to Kill Swine Flu Virus

Air Scrubber Purification System

Indoor Healthy Air, LLC, based out of Southern Maryland, announced today the availability of their new product: the Air Scrubber Purification System, which distributes charged particles throughout the conditioned space of homes and businesses for proactive air treatment. Considering the shoppers interest in Black Friday 2009 doorbuster deals and the nation's focus on swine flu vaccines Indoor Healthy Air may be poised to make some strong sales during this holiday shopping season.

In a press release, the company states that initial results out of Kansas State University shows that these charged Hydro Peroxides can attack viruses, such as H1N1, inactivating them with 99.9% effectiveness. The test results also have a 99+% rate of inactivating Staphylococcus Aureus, including the MRSA-strain, E. Coli bacteria, Norwalk virus, SARS virus, and mold.

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Hydroperoxides are a common part of the environment, created when oxygen, water vapor, and electromagnetic energy are present. The ionized Hydro-Peroxides are effective at destroying harmful microbials in the air and on surfaces. The company ensures the process to be safe, as the level of hydroperoxides in the home with the Air Scrubber are less than that found in the general atmosphere.

The company offers two models: the portable Wall-Mount Air scrubber is $595 and the Whole-House Air Scrubber is $1295. The company offers financing and a 30-day money back guarantee.

For more information, call (410) 414-3278 or visit the company website at http://www.indoorhealthyair.com. Our quick search just showed that Walmart, Target and Sears don't yet carry the Air Scrubber Purification System. At this time we don't know yet if this product may be available around the Black Friday 2009 or Cyber Sunday and be part of their doorbuster deals.