Add a Tropical Twist to Your Menu

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Tropical Food Recipes

The summer season brings warm temperatures as well as tasty and fresh produce.

Mix up your traditional meals by experimenting with foods like mangoes, papayas and kiwi this summer and beyond.


Mangos are rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C and E and soluble fiber. Fresh mangoes are firm but soft to the touch and are best from May to September. Add them to salads, salsas and soups or puree them for smoothies.

Papayas provide a great source of vitamin C, folate and fiber. Papayas also contain phytochemicals that may aid disease prevention. They can be enjoyed plain and also in salsas or as a base for smoothies.

Kiwis are high in fiber, an excellent source of vitamin C and lutein. Purchase kiwis that are firm because they will ripen more in the refrigerator. Use kiwis to top desserts, in salads or peel and eat.