Calamari Salad Recipe

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This wonderful salad is a great health food recipe that is easy to prepare and very Delicious, reports HealthyFoodRecipes

Calamari salad ingredits and the following.

One pound or 0.5 kg Calamari.
About half a pound or 200-300 grams of raisin.
About half a pound or 200-300 grams of walnuts.
Salt and Mayonnaise according to your taste.
Salad leaves as an ornament.


Wash and boil the Calamari. Poor over the raisins boiled water and let it stay for about 5 minutes. Then take the raisins out of the boiled water and let them slightly to dry. Now lets take the calimari and chop them into small pieces, salt them, mix with the raisin and fill it with the mayonnaise.

Take the plate in which you are going to serve the Calamari Salad and ornate the bottom of the plate with some salad leeaves or Lettice. Fill the content of Calamari and Raisin over the leaves and strew the crushed walnuts over it.

Enjoy the Salad.


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