Target Archer Farms Food Eliminates Added Trans Fats

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Target announced that every product in its premium owned food brand, Archer Farms, contains zero grams of added trans fat.

Available exclusively at Target and SuperTarget stores across the country, Archer Farms is the first national proprietary food brand to eliminate added trans fats from its entire product portfolio, based on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) definition of zero grams added trans fat. The Archer Farms collection features more than 2,000 products made from the finest ingredients, which have all been formulated without adding unhealthy trans fats.

In an ongoing effort to empower its guests to make smart, nutritious food decisions, Target has dedicated the past several months to reformulating selected products so the entire Archer Farms collection meets the FDA standard for labeling items as zero grams of added trans fat. For example, while bakery treats typically contain trans fats, guests will find Archer Farms products such as triple berry pies, lemon cookies, blueberry muffins and tiramisu desserts with zero grams of added trans fats. This initiative expands upon a concerted effort from Target to offer its guests the tools they need to live healthier lives and raise healthy families.


In 2006, Target expanded its Archer Farms brand to include affordable organic food products. The same year, all SuperTarget produce departments became certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Organic Program-the strictest, third-party certification available.

"Removing added trans fat has quickly become a priority among the health community and for good reason. Regardless of age or gender, consuming food products with added trans fats presents a host of long-term health concerns," says Dr. Susan Mitchell, Target health and nutrition expert. "The Archer Farms line offers premium, affordable snacking and meal options made from the finest ingredients for those looking to steer clear of added trans fat."

Created with the finest ingredients, the Archer Farms food collection provides guests with everything from elegant hors d'oeurves and gourmet spreads, to European-style baked goods and meals on-the-go. Delivering on its "Everyday Incredible" promise, Archer Farms combines the highest quality foods with affordable prices.

"Target is committed to offering our guests the best food products at great prices," says Greg Duppler, senior vice president, merchandising, Target. "Reformulating the Archer Farms collection to remove added trans fats provides our guests with easy options for more nutritious eating without sacrificing quality, taste and affordability."

Trans fat (also known as trans fatty acids) is a specific type of fat formed when liquid oils are made into solid fats like shortening and hard margarine. Trans fat can be found in common food products like French fries, crackers, cookies and snack foods. Trans fat is also inherent in some foods, such as meat and dairy. Unlike other dietary fats, trans fats are neither required nor beneficial for health. The presence of trans fats in foods may raise the levels of LDL or "bad" cholesterol, potentially putting individuals at an increased risk for coronary heart disease. According to the FDA, an item can be labeled as featuring zero grams of trans fat if the total fat in a food is less than 0.5 gram (or 1/2 gram) per serving.



"According to the FDA, an item can be labeled as featuring zero grams of trans fat if the total fat in a food is less than 0.5 gram (or 1/2 gram) per serving" This is what most people don't know. Food vendors adjust the serving size so that it meets the labeling requirement, not people's health. Most of the times there is more than one serving in a bag of snacks; eat two servings and you're consuming a high amount of trans fat (even when it says "0g trans fat". If they said something like: "we have eliminated all hydrogenated fats from our product line", then that would be a real showcase o concern for people's health. FDA's regulation is the result of heavy lobbying by the food industry. Read the ingredients list, if it says "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated" DON'T BUY IT!
Also watch out for monoglycerides which are the same as the unhealthy Hydrogenated fats.
Archer Farms ice cream contains Mono-diglyceride which is the same as the unhealthy hydrogenated oils, or transfat! Watch for the ingredient monodiglyceride in products you buy.
I don't normally shop at Target stores, however my girlfriend took me to a Target store in Medford, Oregon and while I was waiting on her, I saw a special on Archer Farm chips and bought three bags of homestyle kettle cooked chips. A bag of jalapeno cheddar, buffalo wing and traditional. In all fairness I have to tell you these are some of the best chips I have tasted in a long time.."look out Lays" Im 68 years old and I think I'm still a junk food junkie. If you ever decide to make hickory flavored chips let me know.. You have just made a new customer.. Thanks Tom Larson Yreka, Ca
The Spinach&Artichoke tortilla chips have great flavor but way too much salt. Would love a little or no-salt type with the same flavors.