Fresh California Oranges Are Back

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After weathering a harsh frost in 2007, delicious California Navel Oranges are back in season and bursting with sweet solutions to "citrus-ize" the New Year. Trucks loaded with overflowing crates of juicy California navel oranges are rolling up to grocery stores across the country, a tribute to Mother Nature's goodness and the hard work of California Orange Growers. Primed to perfection by this season's warm, California sunshine, rich soil and ideal growing conditions, this season's crop is plentiful and especially sweet.

Peak season is a great time to experiment with California Navel Oranges and learn to incorporate them into your new year. Although most people think of citrus in sliced and wedged form, they are versatile fruits that provide a plethora of health benefits however you choose to use them.


Chef Jill Davie, Food Network The Next Iron Chef finalist and Chef de Cuisine of Josie in Santa Monica, CA notes, "As a chef, understanding the seasons brings a sense of structure, rhythm and rightness to my cooking. I love infusing fresh ingredients into my menu, in particular, seasonal ingredients that make sense for the palate. California Navel Oranges offer a unique versatility, from their sweet and tangy taste and vibrant color to their wonderful nutritional benefits -- each orange providing 130% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C. I stock my pantry full with fresh oranges always sure to use them when creating sweet and savory pairings and they are natural addition to my fresh citrus marinades."

In addition, Chef Davie offers the following tips to help "citrus-ize" the New Year.