think5: Two Cups Of Pure Fruit And Three Cups Of Pure Vegetables

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thinkproducts, makers of pure food nutrition for people who "think about what they eat," will debut the think5 bar, containing three cups of pure vegetables and two cups of pure fruit. think5 features apples, cranberries, spinach and broccoli and also a gluten free product. think5 will be available nationally this fall at retailers and at

think5 is the newest product to be added to the thinkproducts family of natural, gluten free nutrition bars, which include thinkThin (high protein), thinkOrganic (raw fruit and nut) and thinkGreen (superfood nutrition bar with two tablespoons of fruits and vegetables). It will debut at the Natural Products Expo East September 26-29, 2007 in Baltimore.


The five cup think5 bar comes in two new flavors: Red Berries and Chocolate Covered Red Berries with 240 and 290 calories respectively. The bar is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and contains naturally occurring fiber. Other think5 ingredients which also provide essential nutrients and vitamins and minerals include acerola berries, sweet potatoes, brown rice, carrots, parsley, alfalfa grass, watercress, chlorella, and grapes.

"Greens and berries are foods that help people maintain high levels of productivity, build strong immune systems and support general well-being," said thinkproducts CEO, Lizanne Falsetto. "think5 is made with superfoods needed for complete on-the-go functional nutrition and contains the powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables and other natural ingredients."

Faletto, a former model and mother of two, built thinkproducts based on her belief that pure food creates vitality; fueling a body with the healthiest foods results in improved performance and sustainable wellness. All thinkproducts are wheat/gluten free and designed to deliver powerful nutritional benefits.