Five Ways to Increase Eating Pleasure

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Add Texture and Flavor to Foods

  • Texture: e.g., granola cereal on yogurt
  • Flavor: e.g., garlic in spaghetti sauce

Stimulate your Sense of Taste

  • eat hot and cold foods in the same meal
  • rotate bits of food from the choices in your plate

Eat with a Friend

  • arrange a regular date, e.g., every Wednesday evening
  • have a potluck meal where friends bring a dish

Careful Preparation

  • buy and cook small quantities to avoid the same old leftovers
  • cook meals ahead and reheat or defrost when needed
  • keep easy-to-fix items available in case you don't feel like cooking
    -(e.g., fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, hearty canned soups, low fat cheese)

Set the Table Attractively

  • make mealtime more interesting, fun, and enjoyable
  • eating adequate calories is critical so make it a focus of each day

See the other ACSM's Active Aging Tips including "Eating Better."

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