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Bathmate Hydromax Reviews ➡️ Hydromax Results before and after

Bathmate Hydromax Reviews

Bathmate Hydromax Reviews ✓ Hydromax Results before and after ✓ Is it legit? & does it work? ✓ How to use Hydromax? ✓ For sale and where to buy ✓


If you know about penis pumps, there is a good chance you have come across the Bathmate Hydromax name. The product has a global reputation as the world’s most popular penis pump due to its proven efficacy and widespread use.
Our research revealed that men around the world currently use Bathmate Hydromax to increase the quality of their erections and achieve size gains on their organs.
The Bathmate brand also enjoys global popularity as the pioneering manufacturer of hydro pumps. Penis pumps have been around for some time. Still, Bathmate revolutionized the technology by producing pumps that use water instead of air in the penis chamber, offering more comfort and safety.

What is Bathmate Hydromax?

The Hydromax is Bathmate’s pioneering hydro pump model and the first in their series of penis pumps using a water mechanism.
According to multiple customer reviews, Bathmate Hydromax can increase the length and girth of the penis in a few weeks of regular use. Men who exercise with Bathmate Hydromax pump also report firmer and longer-lasting erections.
Those who have exercised with standard penis pumps that use air say that the Bathmate pump is far more comfortable and easier on the penile tissue.


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How does Bathmate Hydromax work? Does it work?

Bathmate Hydromax works by inducing a gentle negative pressure inside the chamber that forces the penile tissue to be filled with blood.
Notice that erection normally occurs when the erectile tissue (a spongy group of blood vessels inside the penis) is filled with blood. During an erection, more blood enters this tissue than leaves. That is the same mechanism that the Bathmate Hydromax pump mimics.
You start by filling the chamber with water, insert your penis in it and slowly pump out the water while holding the device against your pelvic bone to create a tight enough seal.
Pumping out the water creates a vacuum inside the chamber where your penis rests. This vacuum creates a negative pressure that pulls the penis in all directions to occupy that space. In the process, blood rushes into the penis resulting in a false erection.
Since the pump pulls your erectile tissue, it stretches it. And just like body muscles usually experience growth as a result of physical exercises, so does the penile tissue. Regularly Pumping the penis works out the tissue, leading it to grow in size and accommodate more blood.
Over time, this change becomes permanent, and the penis gets bigger, with larger erectile tissue able to accommodate more blood and form bigger, firmer, fuller erections.

How to use Bathmate Hydromax for best results

Using Bathmate Hydromax correctly is crucial; it is the surest way to optimize your results and stay safe. The Hydromax is a powerful penis pump and can cause painful discomfort if used incorrectly.
Thankfully, the device is easy to use and only requires following a few easy steps.
Begin by relaxing your body in the bathtub or shower. Just like any workout, the body needs to prepare for the activity. In this case, you need to place your body in a state of optimum blood flow.
All you need to do is stay in the warm shower or bathtub for about five minutes to achieve the desired relaxation. This step will help stimulate your body’s blood circulation and get you ready for the penis pump.

Step 1: Fill the Bathmate pump with water and insert your penis

If you have not already assembled any components of your Bathmate, now is the time to do it. Once the device is ready, fill it with water from the bathtub or shower and insert your manhood in it.
While inserting your penis into the chamber, some water will definitely escape. Ideally, you want to minimize the amount of water spilling out during this process as much as possible. So, position yourself comfortably and mount the hydro pump onto your flaccid manhood in one motion.
Hold the device firmly over your penis by pressing it gently toward your pubic bone. This should ensure it sits firmly against the base of your penis to maintain a tight enough seal between your body and the pump.

Step 2: Pump the device to pressurize it

After releasing the pressure valve located toward the tip of your hydro pump, you can start pumping it to build a vacuum and negative pressure inside the chamber slowly. Move the Hydromax pump up and down.
While doing so, water will escape from the valve, creating the required vacuum inside the chamber. Be sure to pump slowly to ensure the pressure buildup around your manhood is gradual and comfortable.
If you feel a significant amount of discomfort in the process, you are likely pumping too hard, and that may be unhealthy. You may want to release some pressure before continuing with the activity in such a case.

Step 3: Massage your manhood.

Always pump for a maximum of five minutes, followed by a two-minute break. During this break, massage the penis gently to promote blood flow.
After the break, reinsert the penis inside the device and pump for a further five minutes before taking another break. After this second break, you can pump again for the final five minutes.
As you may have noticed, you will be pumping for a maximum of 15 minutes a day, divided into a maximum of five-minute intervals. We say a maximum because exceeding this time can be harmful to your penile tissue.
However, you can pump for fewer minutes, especially if you are a beginner. Initially, you could start with three-minute intervals, adding up to a total of nine minutes a day. Then, slowly increase the number of minutes per day as your body gets accustomed to the exercise.
Notice that the device has a vacuum-release valve that you need to press inwards when you want to release the pressure and remove the device or simply ease some pressure. Releasing the pressure will allow the device to detach from your body so you can remove it.

How long does it take for Bathmate Hydromax to work?

Using the penis pump regularly should lead to permanent gains after a month or two. Depending on your biology, you may sometimes have to use the product for slightly longer to notice inches of increase in the length and girth of your manhood. You may be happy to know that such cases of delayed results are rare.
However, your penis will typically appear plumper after the first use. These initial gains are short-term and will soon fade, so you must continue using the product regularly for the penile tissue to grow and manifest the permanent gains.

How big can you get from using the bathmate hydromax?

Men who use Bathmate Hydromax regularly for several months report anywhere from one to two inches of increase in the length of their manhood. Meanwhile, the circumference can increase by two to three inches or more. The size and performance gains directly depend on how consistently you use the hydro pump.
The measure of length or girth you can expect on your penis is not fixed. Rather, your biology can play a significant role in determining how big you get and after how long. While some people take months to add about an inch to their length and girth, others see an increase of more than two inches over the same time duration.
If you want to optimize your results, the best secret is to use the penis pump as regularly as possible, following the manufacturer's instructions.
Using the pump regularly does not mean exercising seven days a week. Consider integrating breaks of about two days a week in your exercise routine. Using your Bathmate for five days a week should be enough to give you the best results. The muscle tissue needs that break to recover and grow.
It is the same philosophy as bodybuilding through the lifting of weights. Too much workout without rest can lead to fatigue and limited results. The body needs that break, a time to recover in between the workouts.

What should you expect in the Bathmate Hydromax packaging?

The Bathmate Hydromax product packaging typically contains a bellows pump, superflow latch valve, removable comfort pad, swivel system, and a metric and imperial measuring guide.

Bathmate Hydromax 2021 clinical trial assessment and results

Recent clinical studies have linked the use of Bathmate Hydromax pumps to the increased size and strength of men’s penises. The studies indicate that men using the hydro pumps report increased penis sizes and confidence in the bedroom, without any significant side effects.
According to the product’s manufacturer, the user’s safety is their primary consideration when making the hydro pumps. So the penis pumps are made of specially selected skin-safe and phthalate-free medical-grade materials.
Clinical studies on the various materials comprising the Bathmate pumps seem to concur with the manufacturer’s assessment of these materials.

Is Bathmate Hydromax safe to use?

Yes, there is every indication that Bathmate products are safe to use. The manufacturer says Bathmate pumps undergo custom-designed dermatological testing by specialist clinic Aspen Clinical Research to ascertain their safety before releasing them into the market.
Independent research on these products has also found no reasons to consider the pumps unsafe for use. So we are confident that Bathmate Hydromax is safe to use for any man seeking to add a few inches to their manhood or enhance the quality of their erection and sexual performance.

Bathmate Hydromax results before and after

The Bathmate Hydromax manufacturer says you are sure to be happy with your workout results if you use the product regularly. They offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to back up their claim.
While there is a high level of confidence in the outcomes to expect, you should recognize the role of your body's biology in determining your gains. The results may differ from one person to another due to the natural differences in how various bodies respond to stimuli.
However, based on our research, here are some bottom-line changes you can expect at different points in your hydro pump journey.

Bathmate Hydromax results after two weeks.
We did not find many people reporting permanent gains after two weeks. The only changes reported were temporary increases in the penis size that fades over time.
However, users tend to see significant improvements in their sexual stamina right from the beginning. Some people say they could maintain their erection for longer and have more satisfying sexual intercourse with their partners.
Bathmate Hydromax results after one month.
Multiple users report noticeable size gains after one month of regular use. A large section of these users says they feel more confident in their sexual performance and can have longer-lasting intercourse compared to their performance before using Bathmate.
Bathmate Hydromax results after two months.
Many users who do not report significant changes after one month tend to notice a big difference in their manhood sizes after two months. It shows that some people’s bodies respond more slowly to the exercise than others.
Bathmate Hydromax results after three months
Nearly every user who pumps their penises regularly with Bathmate Hydromax reports size gains by their third month of usage. Only people who do not use the product regularly tend to see minimal changes in their sexual activity and penis sizes.

Our Bathmate Hydromax review and rating: Bathmate Hydromax pros and cons

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The manufacturer says that Bathmate Hydromax is made from skin-safe medical-grade materials, entirely safe for human use.
Independent researchers tend to agree with this assessment, arguing that the materials have no known harmful effects on the human skin. This is one important advantage of the Bathmate hydro pump. But it is not the only one. This section looks at the pros and cons of the penis pump based on our research.

Strengths of Bathmate Hydromax

  • The pump is made from skin-safe materials.
  • It offers instant results. You can notice significant size changes immediately after your first use. While these size changes are temporary, the quality of your erection tends to be better from the first time you use the pump.
  • The pump improves sexual stamina. If you have difficulty getting an erection or keeping one, the hydro pump can help you navigate that problem. It saves you the trouble of struggling to get an erection by pulling blood into the penis. If you want, you can use a penis ring to maintain that erection for as long as you desire.
  • There is no reported side effect of using the product.
  • There is no risk of injury as long as you use the pump correctly.
  • The hydro pump feels comfortable due to the water mechanism, unlike penis pumps that use air.

Limitations of Bathmate Hydromax

  • The device requires regular use to optimize the results. Users who are unable to use the device regularly may not realize the gains they want.

Bathmate Hydromax reviews on the internet and forums like Reddit:

Bathmate is a hot topic of discussion on forums like Reddit. While a few people are uncertain if the pump really leads to any permanent gains, there seems to be a general consensus that the pump does help improve one's sexual performance.
Hidromax7 Positive Reviews

Is Bathmate Hydromax reputable, or are there any warnings about Bathmate Hydromax on the internet?

Our research did not find any warnings about Bathmate. There seems to be a significantly large community of users happy with their results. Many seasoned users seem to have discovered their individual styles and what works best for them.
We found several Bathmate users with permanent gains on their penises, while others use the device specifically for temporary gains as part of their preparation for sexual intercourse.
There is no case of foul play in any of these use scenarios to put the Bathmate brand's reputation in question. We have not found any reason to question Bathmate's reputation, so we believe it is genuine and offers products that do what they claim to do.

What do I need to consider if I want to discontinue Bathmate Hydromax?

Bathmate Hydromax is not associated with any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. It is a workout tool that you can use when you want, discontinue at will, and resume using when you can.
Perhaps the only thing you would want to consider when discontinuing the usage is what you stand to lose by doing so. Remember that your penis will not experience any gains when you do not use the pump, so you may want to consider how comfortable you are staying without making any gains.

Bathmate Hydromax price information, deals, and where to buy

When you want to buy your Bathmate Hydromax at the lowest price, head over to the company's official website and make your purchase from there.
Buying directly from the official Bathmate site is an excellent way to guarantee yourself the right quality as you are buying directly from the manufacturer. You also enjoy the lowest prices and deals always running on the website.

Can you buy Bathmate Hydromax in a pharmacy?

The Bathmate Hydromax penis pump is currently unavailable for purchase over the counter in pharmacies.
Online retail stores like Amazon and eBay may sell the penis pump. Some sex shops also claim to offer it in different places worldwide, but these are usually not sanctioned by the manufacturer, so you cannot tell if they are selling the original product.
To be sure of the quality you are buying, we recommend heading over to the official company website and purchasing your Hydromax penis pump from there. You will be buying your product directly from the manufacturer at the lowest price.
The manufacturer also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee that you enjoy when you buy from the site. This means you can enjoy peace of mind and the security of getting your money back if you are unhappy with the results after an entire two months.

Bathmate Hydromax Review Conclusion—our experience and recommendation

Our tests revealed that Bathmate Hydromax could yield solid results that can significantly benefit your sex life. The device leads to increases in both the thickness and length of the penis.
While some people have mastered the art of pumping their penises specifically to increase their size in preparation for intercourse, others use it for long-term gains. Those who use the device regularly report more permanent size gains that they are happy with.
The Hydromax is an excellent penis pump for an intermediate user because it is the company’s upgrade from their original Hydro series. The maker says it adds at least 35 percent more power to your pumping routine from the original hydro pump.
If you have never used a penis pump, you can still use Hydromax and ensure you pump slowly to avoid the risk of injury or discomfort.


How much does Bathmate Hydromax cost, and where can I buy it for the lowest price?

Bathmate Hydromax is available across a wide range of sizes, from three inches up to nine inches costing different prices based on your selection. If you buy the device, expect to pay between $129 and $199 for the purchase.
We recommend buying yours from the company’s website if you want to get the product at the lowest price.

Are there any Bathmate Hydromax deals or coupon codes?

You can enjoy various deals and coupons when you buy the product from the official company website as the manufacturer is always offering those.

Can you buy Bathmate Hydromax on eBay and Amazon?

Yes, Bathmate Hydromax is available for purchase on leading retail sites like eBay and Amazon. Unfortunately, these sites tend to run out of stock now and then, so it can be challenging or inconvenient to buy from there.
You can avoid any such inconveniences by skipping intermediaries and purchasing directly from the manufacturer through the company website.

Are there any criticisms of Bathmate Hydromax, or is it recommended to take Bathmate Hydromax?

There are no criticisms of Bathmate Hydromax that we have seen so far. So we have not found any reason to doubt the product's efficacy. For that reason, we can recommend Bathmate to any man who wants to achieve firmer erections or gain some size increases on their manhood.

Does Bathmate Hydromax have any risks or side effects?

The Hydromax has no known side effects or risks associated with proper use. However, improper use can lead to painful discomfort or injury to the organ.
You can avoid any risk of injures or painful discomfort with Bathmate HYdropump by limiting your use to a total of 15 minutes a day, with breaks every five minutes. Also, make sure you pump slowly to avoid overexerting your penile tissue.
If used correctly, you can expect to feel no discomfort and instead experience the desired results through a comfortable experience.

Is it safe to use Bathmate Hydromax continuously?

Yes, you can use Bathmate Hydromax regularly, up to five days a week, with two days of rest to give the body time to rest and recover.
Additionally, ensure you take breaks after every five minutes when using the device to avoid the risk of injuries. While you should use the pump for a maximum of 15 minutes a day, the 15 minutes should be divided into three 5-minute intervals and not continuous.

Who is behind the manufacturer of Bathmate Hydromax?

The Hydromax penis pumps were invented by John Oakes and are now sold under the Bathmate brand worldwide.

How to clean Bathmate Hydromax?

After using your Bathmate Hydromax pump, fill a basin or sink with warm water and add a few drops of mild soap.
Disassemble the device, place the various components inside the soapy water, and add a few sprays of an antibacterial cleaning spray or the Bathmate Clean. Check to ensure the antibacterial cleaning spray must be safe to use on silicone.
Next, dunk a sponge or your cleaning brush head in the water and use it to scrub the inner chamber of the penis pump thoroughly. Soak the brush or sponge with the soapy water. Then, use it to clean the outside of the pump and all the nooks and crannies of the device.
Once done, rinse the device and brush with running tap water. After that, buff the Bathmate dry with one of the branded towels included in the kit.

When should you use bathmate hydromax?

Consider using Bathmate Hydromax every day for five days a week, preferably during shower time. This is because you will be using the penis pump in the bathtub or shower.