Indiana Health Care Subsidy Program For Low-Income Residents Approved

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The federal government approved an Indiana state-subsidized program that will allow health insurance to be extended to about 130,000 uninsured state residents, the AP/Indianapolis Starreports. The program will be partially funded by an increase in thestate cigarette tax, which is expected to generate $140 millionannually, as well as federal matching funds. Over the next five years,the federal government is expected to contribute more than $1 billionto the program. Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) said he expects the program tobegin in January 2008 (AP/Indianapolis Star, 9/21).

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What about the individual who has work-related insurance offered but cannot afford it? Being at or just above the poverty level does not enable a person to pay for three-four hundred dollar a month health insurance. I feel that those of us that are not at the bottom of the bucket and have slightly higher than minimum wage jobs get left out.