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Supporting Someone with Hearing Loss: A Guide by Nano Hearing Aids

NanoX Hearing Aids

Nano digital hearing aids can make a difference for people living with hearing loss. Learn more about various ways of supporting someone.


Living with hearing loss is tough. Young children wearing hearing aids feel different at school and adults who wear hearing aids may feel nervous about looking different or being taken as incompetent at work. If you live with someone who suffers from hearing loss and is struggling, there are a number of things that you can do to help and to show support.

Nano Hearing Aids, the company behind the new revolutionary digital hearing aids, released a guide to support your friends and loved ones who may suffer from hearing loss. Besides helping them obtain the best possible hearing aid, the company also recommend the following:

1. Get Your Hearing Checked Together
When a loved one or a friend has trouble hearing and is going to the audiologist, you can accompany them there and offer to get your hearing checked too. This is particularly important if you are over 40 years old as you too could be losing your hearing slowly and you may not be aware of it. Therefore, for your own sake and in support of the other person, go ahead and get checked.

2. Adjust How You Communicate with the Person
There are changes that you can make when you talk to the person. You have to stop shouting from another room and you have to stop multi-tasking and be in front of that person when you talk. Before speaking to the person, make sure you have good lighting and little background noise. Then use the person’s name to get their attention before you speak. Then maintain eye contact and give the person an opportunity to speech-read while you speak at a normal rate and keep your mouth uncovered. Use simple sentences and rephrase your words if the person does not understand. Context matters so when you change the topic, let the person know first. Stay positive and maintain a sense of humor.

3. Show Empathy
When a person loses their hearing, they do not just come to terms with it. They actually go through a grieving process. The grieving process generally involves anger, guilt, denial, fear, confusion, sadness and loneliness. If your loved one or friend wants to talk about this new development, be willing to lend an ear so that you can better understand what they are going through as a result of losing part of their hearing.

4. Be an Activist and a Supporter
You can be an activist and an active supporter of your friend or loved one. For example, when you have to be with other people in a group, let them know in advance about the problem and give them tips and tactics to enhance communication with the affected person. You can even sit next to that person in the group and let him/her know that if they miss something, they can turn to you to get the missed information. When you visit a hotel or conference center ask them if they provide services or rooms equipped for people who struggle to hear. Suggest improvements to management.

How the Nano X2 Recharge Hearing Aid Can Help
If your loved one or friend has been treated for hearing loss and still struggles to hear, they may need a hearing aid. Since you want the best for them, you should consider reading reviews of a wide range of digital hearing aids – and consider all options. It may be a good idea to pay particular attention to the Nano X2 Recharge.

Nano hearing aid

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The Nano X2 Rechargeable Hearing Aid is an innovative product that was designed after studying hearing loss for at least 10 years and a lot of research and development. In 2019, besthearingaidsreview.com reviewed a number of hearing aids, focusing on 10 properties such as sound clarity, ease of use, invisibility, incredible fit, background noise-canceling technology, etc. and the Nano X2 Recharge won as the best of the top 5 hearing aids reviewed. Here is why it has become popular:

The Nano X2 Recharge powerfully enhances sound. Its normal frequency range enables the user to hear clearly under normal circumstances. It also has a frequency for television and adjustable frequencies for noisy environments. It has technology that adjusts sounds automatically and technology that cancels out background noise.

It is rechargeable, and it has a low-battery warning, which makes it easy for users to recharge it before it runs out. It is tiny and fits perfectly behind the ear and remains invisible. The wire-thin receiver is also invisible. Discretion is therefore assured for those who want it. It also has large up and down volume buttons that are easy to use. One of the more popular features is that it comes with 5 earbuds of different sizes so a buyer is sure to find one that fits their ears.

The Nano X2 has on several occasions, scored well when benchmarked against a long list of digital hearing aids. It is often compared with other high-end hearing devices including Eargo, ZipHearing, MDHearingAid, Embrace Hearing, Phonak, Miracle-Ear and Starkey.

For consumers who need to strike the right balance between price and other features, it is useful to know that the Nano X2 Recharge comes at a fraction of the price of traditional hearing aids, without compromising the quality of hearing support it provides.

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