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Christian counseling: the key to dealing with emotional trauma

Christian Counselors

Christian counseling is necessary in this modern world of solitude and disconnectedness due to hectic lifestyles which are individually orientated. Christian counselors and Christian therapists are now more needed and relevant than before.


In a modern, fast-paced society, often counseling needs are overlooked. Christian counseling has acted as a vital lifeline to millions of people around the world, also during times of emotional trauma. Reaching out to Christian counselors sooner, rather than later, maybe an important step to alleviate very pressing matters in life.

The objective of Christian counseling and Christian therapy will always be to address troubling issues which many people are facing today. Thousands of families, veterans, couples and individuals from all walks of life can benefit from Christian counseling. With a range of issues so wide, so as to include depression, marriage issues, suicide, post-traumatic stress, abuse, drug addiction and much more, the need is critical.
Even though Christian counseling is based upon biblical principles there which is interpreted in many ways by believers: there is no doubt about the efficiency of faith-based counseling. Each of the interested parties and different denominations has their own beliefs and convictions but there are many who feel that the focus should be on helping people to find solutions for their problems instead of endless arguments about Christian doctrines.

Promoting unity and collectively solving problems:
It is more important to promote unity among believers rather than to focus on all the differences which exist among various denominations. Fortunately, there are many excellent Christian publications dealing with the issue of how to help people who are suffering from complex trauma and related issues. Christian counselor near me provides people with a Christian counseling directory which allows them to make contact with professional Christian counselors who have both the training and expertise to assist people in their time of need.

Reaching out to highly experienced Christian professionals
Today we have so many Christian counselors that are just as well trained as other professionals outside of Christianity. It is also well-known that those with strong faith in the redemptive work in Christ have a better chance to successfully deal with traumatic situations. In some cases, these Christian counselors are more qualified and more experienced and because of this they are in the position to provide quality advice to other professionals. They have extensive experience when it comes to the treatment of complex trauma. Even issues such as posttraumatic stress which has resulted because of a single traumatic episode or event can often be successfully addressed.

Millions of people today have been witnesses to extreme violence and many young children are exposed to ongoing sexual, physical and emotional abuse which sometimes have been continuing all through their childhood years. In order to address these issues it is important that people are assisted by professionals who have been adequately trained and who have the necessary expertise to assist people who are suffering from complex trauma. There is no need to suffer in solitude because there are services such as Christian therapist near me which can bring people into contact with professionals who can help them to deal with extreme and complex trauma.

Why Christian counselor near me can is one of the best options available:
The feelings of helplessness and stress resulting from complex trauma can overcome a person any time of day or night. Those people often have to deal with those emotions and helplessness all by themselves simply because they may not have immediate access to Christian counseling or a Christian therapist. However, because of the existence of Christian counselor near me, this is about to change. This is providing people with a Christian counseling directory which is providing access to highly trained professional Christian counselors.

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The CEO of Christian counselor near me has made the following statement regarding the activities of this organization: "The mission of our directory is to expand the reach and visibility of Christian counseling across the country. We do this by connecting users to local and online counselors who provide the vital work of Christian counseling." – Pastor Tres Adames, Founder and Board Certified Pastoral Counselor. There is therefore no need to suffer in solitude because there are Christian counselor directories which can allow people to have access to professional assistance when they are overcome by negative emotions because of extreme trauma which they have experienced at some point in their lives.

Understanding complex traumatic stress disorder
There are literally millions of people all across this planet who has at some point during their lives been subjected to extreme chronic trauma especially during childhood. These individuals can then have extreme difficulty when it comes to handling certain situations.

In some people, there are overwhelming emotions while in others there is a lack of emotions. It all depends on the individual perceptions of those individuals. There might also be elements of self-hatred or shame depending on the nature of the original trauma. It might also be that the severe emotional experience is also combined with physical problems which may involve pain or in some cases numbness. There might also be difficulty in dealing with relationships and in some cases there may be a fear of intimacy.

All of these things can be very difficult to handle because of the negative perceptions of the individual. In many cases these people are suffering from disassociation which is simply a process where the consciousness is split into many less isolated components. This is a protection mechanism of the subconscious which can make it very difficult for Christian counselors to probe in order to find the origin of the problem.

Dealing with the realities of abuse: an example
There are people who have been subjected to extreme abuse and in these cases the elements of disassociation can result in discrete identities or personalities. Dealing with situations like these are never simple and many years of treatment may be required in order to successfully deal with all of the original trauma. It is well-known that dealing with disassociation successfully it is not always necessary to seek integration and in some cases, this may simply not be possible.

Nevertheless, even without integration, a substantial degree of healing can be accomplished. It is also known that when counseling people suffering from complex traumatic stress disorder or CTSD, it is important to be mindful of the fact that there are three distinct stages. In the first place, there is the need to establish trust so that a person will experience a measure of safety when counseled. Then it will be necessary to address all of those disassociated memories and extreme emotions in an attempt to accomplish integration into one whole person. Lastly, it will be important to find ways to maintain the progress which has been accomplished. The patient should find a way to deal with the perpetrator and should continue to live a life where they are no longer limited by those horrible experiences.

A Christian therapist directory is vital to Americans as it can provide people with access to professional Christian counselors 24 hours a day.

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