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10 Gift Ideas For Doctors

Doctor with a scrub

Is there a doctor in your life who you’d like to present with something special, but you just can’t think of what to give him? Then you’d do well to check out these 10 gift ideas for doctors.


There are all types of doctors; fun loving docs, real serious professionals, friendly physicians, and brainy ones. We’ve carefully designed our list of 10 gift ideas for doctors so that it includes all different kinds of gifts, ranging from classy to funny, so that no matter your doctor’s personality, you can give him a present that he’ll be happy to receive.

Doctors receive many gifts; let your present stand out from the rest of them by giving him something he’ll truly appreciate and enjoy from our curated collection of gifts for medical doctors.

Are you curious which items we’ve chosen to be in our list? Read on, and you’ll find out!

1. Scrubs
Every physician needs to wear. Is your doctor one of those practical, efficient guys? Get him a durable scrub top with lots of pockets. He’ll love the fact that you’ve gotten him a gift that he can really use, time and again.
If you want to get him one of the best quality men’s scrub tops around, try to find one from a highly trusted brand, such as Grey’s Anatomy.

2. Band-Aid Neck Tie
Does your doctor have a great sense of humor? Show him yours by presenting him with a band-aid necktie! If you’re looking for creative, funny gifts for doctors that are cute, yet still appropriate, this is a great choice.

3. Personalized Gifts
Present your doctor with a personalized present, such as a personalized framed shadow box, that says some awesome things about him. He’ll be so touched. You can also give him a pen with his name on it, a personalized doctor hanger, or a personalized doctor’s notepad.

4. Spillproof Coffee Mug
Everyone loves coffee, even doctors! That’s why getting your doctor a tasteful looking spillproof coffee mug is such a great idea. Doctors are often running on lack of sleep, and they often rely on coffee to stay energized. A quality spillproof coffee mug allows them to have their coffee without worrying about dangerous spills.

5. Gift Card
Is your doctor one of those people who seem to already have everything, so that you just can’t decide what else there is to give him to show your appreciation? There’s one thing he definitely hasn’t received yet: A card from you. Send him a letter he’ll cherish, and you can slip in a gift card to a store he loves because usually, even guys who have everything still like to save money when they can!

6. Home Made or Healthy Food
Send him some homebaked cookies, or, alternatively, if he’s into staying healthy, give him a fruit platter. He can share it with his family, friends, or coworkers, or keep it all for himself. Since this gift is neither overly expensive nor cheapy, and is not too personal while still sweet, it’s a classic gift idea for any medical professional.

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7. Mouthwatering Chocolate
Here’s another food-related idea: Send him a doctor-themed Belgian Chocolate set. You can even have this gift customized with their name. This gift is unique, creative, and oh, so sweet. One thing to keep in mind, though: This is probably not the ideal gift for a dentist. But most others will be delighted to receive it!

8. Posh Physician’s Bag
A leather doctor bag is another practical gift that medical professionals can get much use out of. Just to be on the safe side, since every fellow’s got his own taste, you may want to include return information, so that just in case the bag isn’t exactly his style, he can exchange this for something he likes better.

9. Wall Clock
Another one of our top 10 gift ideas for doctors is a personalized doctor clock. It’s a classy, stylish gift that your doctor can hang in his office or study. Many doctors find this to be a great present, since it's functional, and adds to the aesthetics of the room at the same time. There are loads of different doctor clock styles to choose from on Etsy; you can pick the one that matches his office or that suits his taste.

10. Designer Heart-Shaped Stress Reliever
And last but not least, we present… the Ray-Ban Heart Stress Reliever! This luxurious little gift is the perfect little present to send along with a card expressing your heartfelt appreciation for the work of this kindhearted medical professional. This is a fabulous and heart warming gift idea, especially for female medical professionals and heart doctors!

These 10 gift ideas for doctors are all creative ways for you to show your appreciation to the medical professional in your life.

However, if you happen to be short on cash at the moment, or you’re simply not in the position to go shopping for a gift following a hospital stay, and you didn’t have time to order anything online, here are some ideas that only take several minutes, and won’t cost you much at all.

Pay your doctor a sincere compliment and tell him how much you appreciate his efforts. You can also write a quick note to the higher-ups in the hospital about how this doctor’s efficiency, competence, brilliance, etc. was exemplary. You never know; this may be what will help him get that pay raise he was hoping for!

If you’re not comfortable having a whole conversation with your doctor about how much you appreciate his expertise and all, you may want to send him a card stating your feelings in writing. And, sometimes, doctors appreciate cards more than compliments, since a card can be cherished for years to come.

So, now, whether you were searching for gifts for doctors that have everything, gift ideas that won’t cost you a penny, or any other sort of present for a physician, you have lots of new ideas to choose from!

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