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Consumer Health Digest Reveals New Data Showing the Importance of Establishing Trust and Engaging Visitors

Consumer Health Digest

Consumer Health Digest is a platform focused on publishing accurate health information, news, and health product reviews.


About Consumer Health Digest

Consumer Health Digest is one of the leading brands in the health information industry with millions of visitors every month. Their mission is to promote health by delivering factual and evidence-backed information throughout their platform. The website Consumer Health Digest delivers health and wellness-related information in an accurate and understandable way. The platform is also one of the leaders in the health information industry on social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Visitors Per Month

This year’s statistics show some impressive numbers. From January 1st to July 31st, 2018, Consumer Health Digest had a total of 34,527,451 pageviews made by 17,996,560 users during 21,061,791 sessions. An average session lasted for over one minute – 68 seconds and an average number of pages read per session was 1.64.

The bounce rate was 56.78% and the statistics also revealed that 15.6% of visitors were returning to the website. Finally, the average daily number of sessions was constantly around 100,000 – for example, on January 1st, there were 123,537 sessions in total.

Consumer Health Digest Traffic

Partnerships and Mentions of Consumer Health Digest

Consumer Health Digest is proud of its partnerships with other publications and mentions of this platform. The list is long and some of the most reputable names include One Green Planet, People Magazine, Business Insider, Greatist, and Cosmopolitan.

You will often find that Consumer Health Digest is referenced by other reputable platforms, including PopSugar, Allure, Elite Daily, and even Pick the brain. At Consumer Health Digest, they emphasize that it is a privilege to work with other important websites on the joint goal of contributing to a stronger and healthier world. Here’s how we’re helping to build a stronger, healthier world. Check out Consumer Health Digest's News and Press Highlights.

Consumer Health Digest’s Mission

The objective of Consumer Health Digest is to enable users from all parts of the world to easily find accurate health information written in an understandable way. The focus is on providing health-related information that has high value and enables users to save on health products in order to manage their health better. The information appearing on the website can be easily verified and it is always evidence-backed.

In the case of sensitive health-related topics, the credibility of contributors plays a vital role when determining content quality. Some of the most reputable contributors are:

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· Michael Lam, M.D., A.B.A.A.M., M.P.H. – a physician with a specialty in anti-aging medicine and nutrition. Earned his Master’s Degree in Public Health after graduating from the State of Oregon University as a Bachelor of Science and from the School of Medicine of Loma Linda University in California as a Doctor of Medicine. Dr. Lam is considered a pioneer in utilizing natural supplementation to heal various degenerations caused by aging.

· Dr. Anthony J. Mele – a psychologist with over two decades of clinical expertise. He earned his doctorate at Pennsylvania’s Widener University. His specialty is assessing and treating adults and adolescence that exhibit co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Dr. Mele is a Chief Clinical officer at Sovereign Health.

· Dr. Anna Yusim – a psychiatrist and book author who also has knowledge of Buddhist meditation and Kabbalah, as well as experience in working with Indian gurus and South American shamans. During her years of practice, she has helped more than 1,000 patients.

· Dr. Adonis Maiquez – a reputable healthy aging expert from Miami. He utilizes modern medicine to identify the root cause of disease and believes that is the right solution to any problem.

· Dr. Aneesh Singla – Currently employed in the Rockville Center of National Spine and Pain Centers as a medical director. He is also an author of multiple bestsellers and a contributor to many medical literature publications.

About Social Channels

Consumer Health Digest is present across all relevant social media. If you visit their YouTube channel, you will find that they have more a large base 152K followers (and growing), the view count on some videos is even more impressive. Dozens of pregnancy videos have over one million views and some are even close to five million.

The platform is present on other social networks, too. They have 18.8K monthly viewers and 8.8K followers on Pinterest and more than 1.3K followers on Instagram. The content varies depending on media and you can find new health information across all channels.

Future Propositions

When it comes to future plans, Consumer Health Digest is currently developing a Health Community Page. The goal of this page will be to share more details about health awareness.