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Michigan Will Not Cut Medicaid, Health Care

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) on Monday said the state will not cut Medicaid as part of a plan to reduce statespending by $435 million, the Detroit Free Press reports. The state faces a $1.75 billion deficit. Areas that could face cuts include prisons, universities, public schools, Medicaid and nursing home payments. Granholm said, "We are not going to cut people off Medicaid, we are not going to cut grandparents who care for children in their families, we are not going to cut people off health care."

Michigan Senate Approves Medicaid Estate Recovery Bill

The Michigan Senate on Thursday approved legislation that would require the state Department of Community Health to develop a program to recoup costs paid by Medicaid for people who lived in nursing homes or received in-home care services before their death, the Detroit News reports. Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) was expected to sign the bill.