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Specific Video Games May Help With Childhood Obesity

Fitness and Video Games

According to a study found conducted by Louisiana State University, evidence has been found that video games can make a difference with childhood obesity. These results are good news for the hundreds of parents who are watching their children gain more and more weight because they sit and play video games instead of playing outside.


This weight gain can create other health problems in the child's life such as heart disease and diabetes. They can also be plagued by asthma and sleep apnea, not to mention cruel interactions with peers. This study will be published in the journal PediatricObesity, in a special issue. Thus children who gain excessive weight and are not active are at risk to developing serious health issues (Staiano, 2018).

What the study did was give an Xbox 360, a Kinect and four exergames that promote increased activity in the children. They were Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012, Just Dance 3, Disneyland Adventures, and Kinect sports Season 2. The study groups were asked to play these games at home with a friend or family members and document in a book provided that they had played three one hour sessions each week. They were also provided with a Fitbit to document their walking activity.

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The results were compelling as the study group that was given the video games showed improvement in all areas that were being followed. Proving that there could be some benefit for children playing the correct video games especially ones that encourage physical activity.

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