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Autism Awareness Color War: Will you be lighting it up red gold or blue?

Colors of Nature

My son was recently diagnosed with autism and when April rolled around I wanted to do my part in spreading awareness and acceptance of the autistic community. As I was getting ready to light my profile pic blue I discovered there were other colors to choose from.


I decided to start looking into the meaning behind each of them and that's when I discovered the color war. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world and I'd like to share my findings with you.


Light it up gold chooses to go beyond awareness and asks for acceptance instead. It was started by the autistic community to show an opposing side to light it up blue which was started by Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks is a controversial organization that actually autistics feel demeans their autistic traits and focuses their efforts on finding a solution or cure instead of support and acceptance. Focusing on acceptance is certainly a positive and important message to spread.

Acceptance asks you instead of trying to change us to be like you support us in feeling comfortable with being ourselves. There are so many wonderful things to celebrate about autistic individuals. It's important to respect their views on this matter no matter what color you end up choosing.

Here are some ways you can help support Gold

● Use yellow light bulbs or even gold Christmas lights on your patio or porch.

● Use this filter for your profile pic on Twitter or Facebook.

● Sport a gold infinity necklace (the gold campaign does not want to be associated with the puzzle piece).

● Incorporate gold into your clothing.

● Contstorefronthops and ask them to use gold lighting on their store front during the month of April.


The use of this color is definitely more widespread than the other 2 for now. The light it up blue campaign was started after April 2nd was established as autism awareness day in 2007. Autism speaks goal of the campaign is to bring awareness to a disorder that affects millions.

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You can't deny they have certainly brought awareness. As I stated earlier there is a growing group of autistic individuals who ask that you do anything but light it up blue and even go as far as to call them child abusers. However, there still remains several individuals who support autism speaks and the work they put into supporting an early diagnosis.

Here are some ways you can light it up Blue

● Use this link on your Facebook or Twitter profile pic.

● Incorporate blue into your clothing.

● Sport some puzzle piece jewelry.

● Use a blue light dye your porch or seems.

● If your really bold you can die your hair it seams to be a trending color lately anyways.


#walkinred was created in 2015 by autistic individuals who felt bullied by Autism Speaks. They wanted to divert the attention away from what they see as a money hungry organization (A $). They ask everyone too wear red clothing and jewelry on April 2nd and 30th and post the pics on their social media platforms. They want people to respect Neuro diversity and see value in their unique way of looking at the world.

Here are some ways you can support the #walkinred movement.

● Join them April 30th in wearing red.

● Organize an actual walk sporting your red colors for everyone to see.

● Use this link for your Facebook or Twitter profile pic.

I would love to know your opinion on this matter. Drop a comment to let me know which color you will be promoting and why?.