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Which Winter Sports are The Most Beneficial

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Beneficial Winter Sports

Today is the seventh day of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Since one of the main goals of the Olympics is to popularize physical activity, here we will discuss which winter sports are considered to be the best for one’s health. Check out the benefits of Skating, Curling and Snowboarding compared to skiing.


The first association most people have with the words "winter sports" are skis. Indeed, many studies show that skiing can help people to lose weight, increase their stamina, strengthen the cardiovascular system and even immunity, and improve respiratory function. Now, don't forget the helmet if you are going skiing.

Snowboarding Equals Skiing In Terms of Calorie Burn

It may seem that, compared to skiing, snowboarding involves less activity. Nevertheless, it burns almost the same amount of calories, some scientists say. The load on the joints is not too great, but the muscles of the legs and back strongly develop. Snowboarding also benefits the vestibular apparatus, and according to some, it strengthens blood circulation. Naturally, it is worth considering that this sport is quite "extreme,” so before conquering dangerous slopes, you should go through extensive training.

But be careful, snowboarding carries a high risk of injury.

The Benefits of Curling

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Curling was officially recognized as an Olympic sport only in 1998, and more recently attracted a lot of attention, although some people do not take the sport seriously. However, do not underestimate the benefits of curling - it not only develops teamwork skills, but also has health benefits. The advantages of curling can be attributed to its low chance of traumatic danger.

Skating Develops Balancing Ability

Skating can be a good alternative to running and other cardio exercises. Also, this kind of activity develops one’s ability to balance. Hockey makes it possible to increase reaction speed and, like curling, can offer valuable teamwork skills.

In fact, inline skating is one of the 7 best ways to burn fat fast. To burn 425 calories in 30 minutes, put on the skates. Your thigh and derriere muscles benefit from the intense action, plus you engage your core to stay balanced. Bonus: It's easy on your knees and other joints.

Do you enjoy winter sports? What are some of your favorites? Please let us know in the comments.

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It doesn’t get any more rigorous than ice hockey. Between the finesse, the stamina and the physical abuse, it’s a combination of skills that makes for some great exercise. I think it's one of the healthiest winter sports.
Downhill skiing gets you hurt below the waist. Snowboarding gets you hurt above the waist. Speed kills. Hockey gets you hurt all over. Curling causes neuron wasting disease. Nordic skiing is pretty safe as is snowshoeing. Practical too for those of us who live in snow country. “Surfing” Free Republic is the safest winter sport by far.