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From What Types of Fathers Are Born Schizophrenic Children

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Stressful Father

A group of researchers from the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine discovered a relationship between stress in a man’s life and the likelihood of his future children developing schizophrenia or other mental illnesses.


Stress in Fathers Can Affect Brain Development in Children

Researchers created environments that trigger the release of stress hormones in laboratory mice. As a result, the behavior of the male mice’s offspring was strange, and they responded to external stimuli worse. Scientists suggest that something similar can happen to people, and because of this they urge men to avoid stress, especially if they plan to have children in the near future. However, to accurately describe how stress and the health of future offspring are related, as well as determine the extent to which the results can be extended to people, experts are not yet ready to make a formal declaration.

As of now, the work of these scientists has not been published in any peer-reviewed scientific publication.

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Last year, a number of studies also showed that men should not think too much about the continuation of the genus. In particular, specialists from Iceland came to the conclusion that elderly fathers transmit more mutations to children than young ones, and, even if these mutations are not always harmful, some of them can affect the risk of developing rare diseases.

Prior to this, another group of scientists found that older fathers are more likely to have children with autism. Also, one of the studies showed that the children of older fathers, as a rule, have less of their own offspring. However, there is a different opinion - last year, experts from the Max Planck Society and the London School of Economics stated that children born later, in comparison to children born earlier from the same parents, are born into a world where progress has gone further and new achievements lower the risks associated with late paternity or maternity.

And more recently, Canadian scientists from the University of Toronto found that the risk of early death among single fathers is more than two times higher than among married men with children or single mothers.

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