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What To Do If You Have a Weak Immune System

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Malysheva on weak immune system

If one has an unhealthy lifestyle, they will end up having a weak immune system. This begs the question, what can one do so that they can strengthen their immune system.


Every morning, on Russian TV’s Channel One, TV host and doctor Elena Malysheva explains how she changed her lifestyle so that she is healthy, has a strong immune system, all while being able to have fun.

It is the end of winter, and your strength is wearing out. You come from work and have no strength left. Then it is cold outside, and your nose begins to run, and you catch a cough. You start to feel better, and then you get sick again. You start to wonder if your immunity is weak, but is it really possible for your immune system to weaken?

Immunity is when cells and organs in the body protect themselves from internal and external enemies - bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, etc. The only reason you get colds and flu every year is due to a weakened or compromised, immune system.

A person has immunity from birth. When someone starts sneezing and coughing, it is because their body is getting rid of an infectious agent. So to say "I do not have immunity" is wrong. You always have immunity.

But, it can happen that your immunity weakens. An important part of the body’s defenses are the immunity cells - leukocytes and lymphocytes - getting rid of the infection. In order for the organism to fight against "enemies", it is necessary that these defense cells are active and mobile.

Remember: allowing the flu to run its course without interruption leaves your immune system stronger and can be the difference between improving your health.

For strong immunity, vitamin D is necessary. Recent studies have revealed that it is what makes the immunity cells move (it was previously thought that the main function of this vitamin is to provide strength of bones). It is produced in our body when we go out in the sun or when we eat certain foods.

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To understand if you have a vitamin D deficiency, you need to take a special blood test. Today, this test is done in most laboratories. But you suspect the deficiency yourself- you keep getting sick, feel exhausted and tired - maybe you lack vitamin D.

What do you do in this situation? After all, not everyone has the opportunity to spend the winter in warm, sunny climates. In this case, eat foods rich in vitamin D.

The cod liver is considered to be the champion in vitamin D content. You only need to eat 4 grams of this product daily!

Atlantic herring - 25 grams a day.

Canned salmon - the desired amount of vitamin D is contained in 63 grams of it.

If you are confirmed to have a vitamin D deficiency after analysis, the doctor will prescribe medication for you (the usual vitamins in this case will not work).

Have you ever suffered from a vitamin D deficiency? What have you done to treat it? Let us know in the comments any advice you have.

Reference: KP