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Before three years, it is best not to expose children to the TV

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A campaign has been launched to raise awareness about the use of the internet. The Institute of Medical Education and Prevention (I.E.P.M) announced that, especially for children, it is important to use devices less often.


Smartphone, TV, computer: a new campaign calls for more restricted use to preserve health

The total time we spend online is more than 5 hours per day. Whether it's our smartphones, our computers, our televisions, we are surrounded by screens. This is not without presenting a danger to our health. Too much time spent in front of screens can cause an increase in sedentary lifestyle, the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, or endanger vision. The I.E.P.M launched a prevention campaign via thebonusagedesecrans.fr to better inform people about the use of the screens and their potential dangers.

In fact, in this study, screen time morbidly is linked to Diabetes in children.

Public Health France published research last September about the sedentary lifestyle. It indicated that the time spent in front of a screen has increased by 53% since 2006. In the short term, it is common that one becomes tired after spending a long time in front of a screen. In the long run, this can increase the risk of being overweight, having cardiovascular disease, or even diabetes.

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The National Institute of Health and Safety at Work (INRS) offered Internet users the option to evaluate their use by creating a website. There is information on this site about the amount of time spent in front of a screen, on the ways to limit this time, but also on the potential impacts on one’s health. The site is interactive with quizzes, tips, and drawings. The site is intended for teenagers and parents.

Parents are given advice on how to restrict the amount of time younger children watch TV. Last May, a group of doctors and health professionals published a forum in Le Monde on toddlers’ use of electronic devices. They explained what they see in their practices: young children exposed for too long to these devices develop behavioral and attention disorders.

"We receive very young children who at 3 years of age do not look at us when we talk to them, do not communicate, do not speak, do not seek others, and are very agitated or very passive.” Here are the new guidelines on how much screen time infants should have.

Before three years, it is best not to expose children to the TV. Here is How To Keep Your Children Busy If You Want To Turn Off TV and Spend Time With Them.

Source: Pourquoiddecteur.

Unfortunately, many parents give the screen, smartphone or an iPad to a child so the child leaves them alone, so they spend time on Facebook. This is not good. What is your approach to this problem? How do you keep your children busy?