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Russian Patriarch: The Ideal of a Young Life Should Be Starting a Family

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Russian Patriarch Kiril on starting a family

Speaking during a sermon Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church addressed the Orthodox youth by saying that, "The creation of the family should be every young person’s goal," RIA Novosti writes.


"This, of course, is not the only goal anyone has during their lives. But this is a special ideal for people who clearly understand that the creation of a family, the birth of children, and their education is God's mission for them, above which there is nothing,” Patriarch Kirill said.

According to the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, "It is important for our youth to be able to make an important emphasis on building a family and at the same time, developing in themselves the necessary abilities available to them."

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"The life of a modern person, especially if he is young, healthy, and active, goes by quickly, and this often prevents him from thinking about the main thing: what fills his existence with true meaning and value,” the Primate noted in his address.

Reference: Pravmir

In light of high divorce rate in the Western Society and families falling apart, how important it is for you to start a family or if you already have a family to keep it together? What are some good tips that work keeping your family together?

Our tips are, love your spouse, deny yourself and do good to your spouse and call God for help because there are so many evil passions that are against you in this world. However, those who are for you are more than those who are against you. Please, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.