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New Superfood Bitter Cucumber Lowers Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetics

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Bitter Cucumber

The bitter cucumber contains active ingredients that lower blood sugar for people with diabetes. This is according to the results of a study conducted by researchers from Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU).


Bitter Cucumbers Lower Blood Sugar

The bitter cucumber (also known as bitter melon) contains active ingredients that lower blood sugar. It also has benefits for those with diabetes. An extract of this plant has been shown to affect blood sugar in early-onset type 2 diabetes - prediabetic patients.
52 people who were in the early stages of diabetes were enrolled in the study. As part of a randomized double-blind trial, the participants were assigned to different groups. The bitter cucumber group consumed 2.5 g of bitter cucumber extract in powder form daily for 8 weeks. The other group received a regular cucumber extract.

“We concluded that, in the group of diabetics, an even stronger effect can be expected than could be observed in the prediabetics,” Prof. Michael Krawinkel from the Institute of Nutrition Science of JLU said in a press release.

Joint research in Giessen, Taiwan and Tanzania

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Since the dietary approach is of particular importance to people who do not have access to adequate treatment, the study was conducted in the city of Moshi, Tanzania, at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. This built on joint research in Giessen, Taiwan and Tanzania, where the blood sugar lowering effect of the bitter cucumber (Momordica charantia) has been studied over the past decade. There had so far been no scientific study that proved the effect of bitter cucumbers on blood sugar.

Several components of the bitter cucumber lower the blood sugar

The research material was produced at the World Vegetable Center in Taiwan, where preliminary studies were also carried out in cooperation with the International Nutrition Working Group of the Giessen Institute of Nutrition Science. These studies showed that it is not a single active substance, but several components that are responsible for the glycemic-lowering effect of bitter cucumbers.

In recent decades, chronic, non-infectious diseases such as type 2 diabetes have become more widespread because dietary habits have changed. This poses enormous challenges not only for individuals and their families, but also for healthcare in less affluent countries.

The study appeared in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Also, see these 5 Food Supplements For Type 2 Diabetes.

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