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This is how a woman reacted after breathing for the 1st time after her lung transplant

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Woman breathing herself for the first time after lung transplant

Jennifer Jones looks incredulously around her. She does understand what is going on; she seems to be in a trance. Lying on a bed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, surrounded by machines that keep her balanced and with wires going in and out of her body, she will experience something new. And she is nervous. For the first time, she can breathe on her own after a lung transplant surgery.


The surgery was performed last October, but the video of her reaction to her first breath went viral and showed how the doctor who was in charge of the transplant spoke calmly to his patient, indicating that she can take her first breath.

At age 30, after the birth of her son, Jones had been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. In October 2016, she was hospitalized. Her condition began to deteriorate slowly. There was only one hope: a lung transplant. But it would not be simple. It was so that the young mother was placed on a waiting list. Her lungs were functioning at only 10 percent of their capacity.

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The operation was a success. And her fiancé, Ronnenberg, decided to record the moment his beloved wife breathing again of her own free will.

The video was posted on YouTube at the beginning of the month, but this weekend a user decided to share it on Reddit, where it went viral in a few hours and Jones' story came to light. "We want to be the voice so that the number of donors in the world increases so that we can save lives,” Ronnenberg told 9Pickle.

In the video, when she took her first breath, she was utterly amazed. This shows how important innovations in the medical field are. Please feel free to watch the video for yourselves.