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How to have winter fun so the cold and flu don't interfere

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Skiing in winter

Winter is the time not only for the long-awaited New Year holidays, snow, skiing, skating, sleigh riding, and building snowmen that children. It is also the time when people are especially susceptible to colds and acute respiratory viral infections. Such is the case for many reasons, including a lack of sunlight and energy, vitamins, and a general decrease in immunity. What are winter colds, how are they dangerous, and how can one avoid them?


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 500 million people worldwide suffer from acute respiratory viral infections every year. Acute respiratory viral infections account for up to 90% of all cases of infections. In Russia, the amount of people who have fallen ill during the year is about 40 million.

It would seem that the common cold is a common illness, even "habitual", which is encountered by everyone. Why can it be particularly terrible? Frequent infections can give a "green light" to bronchitis and pneumonia. Also see: Which Winter Sports are The Most Beneficial.

Here are some tips to help you avoid winter colds.

1. Diet. Winter is not a reason to stop eating fruits, vegetables, and berries. Even if they are not available in fresh form, use frozen foods that retain most of the nutrients, and help to "recharge" the body with all the necessary vitamins. Do not give up meat - in cold weather it is meat that becomes a good source of energy.

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2. Clothes and shoes. Dress correctly - so that you can avoid overheating in the subway or while walking around in the store, but also so that you are not too cold outside. Pay special attention to shoes - frozen or wet feet in the winter can very quickly lead to hypothermia.

3. Support immunity. Use medicines designed not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of colds by increasing immunity. An example of such a modern means is the preparation Cytovir-3, which is available in several forms. Capsules are intended for children from 6 years to adulthood, and powders or syrup for younger children. Cytovir-3 ® mobilizes the immune system to protect the body from colds.

So, under the influence of the drug, the production of immunoglobulin A (IgA) is increased, which prevents the virus from penetrating from the surface of the tissues, attaching to the mucous membranes and multiplying, causing ARVI. Also, the drug increases the content of special proteins in the blood with antiviral activity - interferons - which helps to ward off attacks of pathogens. And the ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is part of the drug, will additionally support immunity and help in the fight against inflammation. Only 4 days (this is the standard preventive or treatment course of taking Citovir-3) will provide an increase in the defenses of the body for up to a month. And even if you fall ill, Cytovir-3 will strengthen the action of any symptomatic medication and help you to quickly recover.

4. Positive attitude. Psychologists say that pessimists are more likely to get sick than people who look at life with a positive attitude. Smile! Communicate with friends, lead an active lifestyle, and do not give in to despondency and depression - let your winter be healthy and active!

What are some of your favorite wintertime activities? Let us know! Don't miss these 7 Natural ways to treat and cure viral respiratory issues (cold and flu).

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