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An Excess of Testosterone in Women Can Lead to Acne: What To Do

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Acne Solution

An Excess of Testosterone in Women Can Lead to AcneIt seems that only the young and inexperienced suffer from acne. But acne can affect people who are far past puberty. And now, at that age, when you’re least expecting any skin problems- your skin breaks out, is greasy, you get blackheads, or your skin is otherwise irritated. Doctors, cosmetologists, and dermatologists say that you cannot ignore the problem and mask acne with cosmetics; you need to find out the cause for the issue.


What are some of the reasons for adult acne and what can be done about it? Cosmetologist and dermatologist Angelica Uzhva answers questions asked by “MK.”

Acne does not depend so much on age, as much as on the body’s condition, so unexpected skin problems should be a sign to take action. Upon noticing blemishes on the face, some people will use natural recipes, some will spend a massive amount on medical creams, and some will treat their breakouts simply as a side effect of aging. However, only a specialist can identify the true cause after looking at the results of tests, and then decide what the best course of treatment is. So why, sometimes, do sebaceous glands function much differently than usual?

Let's consider some of the factors that can cause skin problems.

Hereditary Cause of Acne

First of all, those who have a genetic predisposition to acne are at a higher risk of having it. The results of the studies demonstrate a rather unpleasant pattern: the more pronounced the acne is in older relatives, the more severe the condition is in the next generation.

Endocrine Cause

Skin is an endocrine organ that directly reflects the state of health. If a person has lots of pimples, you should check whether everything is in order with their hormones. In women, rashes are often associated with hyperandrogenism - an increased content of male sex hormones. In particular, the excess of testosterone activates the work of the sebaceous glands, which provokes the appearance of grease and inflammation. When the menstrual cycle is abnormal and you gain lots of weight, especially in the waist area, you should immediately consult an endocrinologist. Similar problems are frequent before and during menopause.

The immune system

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The nature of acne is not fully understood, but doctors do not exclude the influence of the immune system. With reduced immunity, a person is vulnerable not only to colds, but also to a number of dangerous viruses: cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes 1, 2, and 6 types, and human papillomavirus. When the immune system tries to suppress the activity of viruses and bacteria, it removes harmful toxins from the body. It should not be forgotten that the skin is an excretory organ, therefore, acne is often localized at the site of toxin removal.

Psychoemotional factor

From the point of view of medicine, acne belongs to the group of psychosomatic dermatoses. In other words, any changes in one’s psychological and emotional state can adversely affect the skin. Bad moods, depression, stress, hard work, restlessness, sleeping less than 7-8 hours a day - all this can cause acne.

What to do with Acne?

Adult acne is no reason to avoid your own reflection in the mirror. "Acne is a condition that requires professional treatment and care. The doctor will tell you how to eliminate inflammation with medication, how to improve the appearance of existing scars, and how to prevent the emergence of more acne,” says Angelica Uzhva.

Today, there are many complex therapeutic techniques to combat acne, which will help bring back the skin’s smoothness, eliminate inflammation, and minimize the risk of the condition reappearing. For example, dermatologists and cosmetologists can offer micro needle lifting, diode laser treatment, laser correction of scars, or ELOS-therapy. "However, one must take into account that the treatment of adult acne is a complex task that must be solved by endocrinology doctors, immunologists, and sometimes with psychotherapists," our expert says.

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Do or did you suffer from adult acne? What did you do to treat it? Let us know in the comments.

Reference: MK.