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Doctors in St. Petersburg Hospital Reduced Patient's Nose by Half a Pound

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Man with Rhinophyma

It is said that a person's nose grows throughout his life. With age, the "olfactory apparatus" becomes bigger and rounder, but many do not attach much importance to this. This can be a sign of rhinophyma - a disease where the nose becomes large, red, and bumpy. A military veteran from St. Petersburg, Russia, had an extreme case of rhinophyma.


Over the past three years, the neoplasm on the nose of this 63-year-old man grew so much that it descended below the chin. It was difficult for him to breathe, eat, drink, and otherwise live normally. When he went to the doctors, the defect on his face weighed about 500 grams.

Doctors at the St. Petersburg Clinic named after Pirogov decided to conduct a unique operation. The reconstructive plastic surgery was performed by the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Maria Volokh.

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The plastic surgeon's many hours of work were successful: a 500 g weight was removed from the patient's face and a skin graft was installed.

Rhinophyma is a tumor-like benign change on the nose. This most commonly affects men older than 40 years.

The main cause is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. Frequent hypothermia, malnutrition, problems with the endocrine system, and vascular diseases can contribute to the development of rhinophyma. Depending on the stage, it can be treated with laser surgery or radio waves.

Reference: Based on a material from KP.
Image: by Pirogov Hospital press. from St. Petersburg.