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Clinic Promises to “Disconnect” Youth From the Internet and Social Media

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Paradigm depression treatment

The Internet has become an indispensable tool for both work and entertainment these days. But this can become a problem if children become addicted to technology. And one clinic, named Paradigm, promises to change that for a very hefty price.


Thus, Paradigm was created, which is a rehabilitation clinic outside of San Francisco. It is a mansion surrounded by gardens and security cameras at the highest point of a hill.
The clinic receives patients between 12 and 18 years old, who are sent by their parents to overcome Internet addiction.

The establishment has no identification and accessible only by car. It only works with eight young people at a time, over a duration of 45 days, extending to 60 days, depending on the degree of addiction that the young person has with the cell phone. They also work on depression, anxiety, and aggression.

The cost, however, is as much as the luxurious lounges and the hot tub overlooking the bay: US $1,633 per night.

Laptops, cell phones, and tablets are prohibited inside the establishment. Computers are only used for educational purposes, and social networks, messaging apps, and pornographic sites are blocked. The use of these computers is monitored by teachers and psychologists.

In the clinic, there are set schedules for patients to get up, eat, study, and participate in group and individual therapies. The clinic's promise is to "reprogram young people so that they can rebuild their relationship with technology and their families, studies, friends, and other tasks."

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"We cut them off, that's the rule," says Danielle Kovac, director of the clinic. "I would say it is a period of adjustment for children, and it is nice to listen to many saying at the end of the treatment: 'Thank you, by not allowing me to use my phone or social networks on a computer, I was able to really concentrate on myself.”

On its website, Paradigm Clinic has listed 21 reasons its program works for teen depression treatment and screen addiction. Those are:

1) Optimal Treatment House Size
2) We’re committed to maintaining the highest staff-to-teen ratio of any program in the country.
3) The Highest Quality Treatment Team
4) Admissions Screening
5) Deeper Therapeutic Work
6) We Provide Diagnostic Testing Before Treatment Begins
7) Paradigm San Francisco Achieves Consistent High Rankings
8) Supportive Family Services
9) Academic Support
10) We Provide Efficient & Intensive Treatment
11) Our Treatment Results in Meaningful, Lasting Change
12) We Offer A Large Variety of Clinical Services
13) It’s Our Responsibility to Motivate Teens
14) We Provide Gender Specific Treatment, not Gender Exclusive
15) We Encourage and Empower Teens and Their Families
16) Treatment Based On Teens’ Interests & Strengths
17) We Don’t Provide Either/Or Treatment
18) Treatment Designed Exclusively for Adolescents
19) We Implement A Collaborative Treatment Approach
20) We Provide Holistic Treatment
21) We Offer Free Ongoing Aftercare Services

Reference: Ahora Noticias, but also why gaming addictions may be rooted in a mental disorder and why video game addiction is totally unhealthy for the youth, just like any addiction.

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