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Causes of Constipation During the Winter and Delicious Chewable Tablets

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Our body is at its best when we stick to a certain schedule. However, sometimes if we break away from our usual habits, the body can become confused, and this can lead to problems with the intestine. Here are some of the most common causes of having constipation in the winter and chewable tablets that help.


It’s Too Cold To Exercise

One of the key causes of constipation in the winter is a decrease in physical activity. Doctors often receive complaints of constipation from patients leading a sedentary lifestyle. The fact is that with minimal physical activity, the entire pelvic region is not adequately supplied with blood, muscles become less mobile, and the intestines become "lazy." Therefore, in order to normalize bowel movement, regular physical activity is necessary. But in the winter it is more difficult to do than in the summer. Why?

Windy and cold weather does not allow for long walks. We rarely go out because the house is warm and cozy.

Cold weather:

- Increases the level of sleep hormones, which are produced as soon as it becomes dark. During the winter, the day is shorter, so there is a higher production of the sleep hormone. Because of this, during the daytime, we often sleep more.

- Less oxygen. Cold air does not contain the necessary amount of oxygen, so in the winter, we feel more tired and sleepy.

The winter diet is saturated with carbohydrates, and full of fatty foods with a minimum of vegetables and fruits. But over the New Year holidays, the table is complete with a variety of festive meals, and, of course, digestion is difficult.

Disturbance of the digestive system often arises because of insufficient consumption of fiber. Vegetables and fruits are a major source of dietary fiber. Dietary fibers are substances not absorbed by the body, but they absorb water contents. If the fibers absorb insufficient quantities, the stool becomes dense and dry, which complicates its progression through the intestine.

What constitutes constipation?

The whole body suffers from the delay of the stool. Constipation is not just a feeling of discomfort, but it also includes the possibility of internal poisoning. All the toxic substances that are in the stool are absorbed into the human body in a different way, and this is very dangerous. The most obvious complications of constipation are hemorrhoids, anal fissures, prolapse of the rectum; immunity decreases (the colds and infections begin to "stick"), the absorption of vitamins and minerals is disrupted, people can suffer from allergic reactions, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression.

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How to get rid of constipation

To solve this problem, one often has to resort to the help of a laxative. When choosing a remedy for constipation, you should carefully consider its composition. It is safer to use laxatives based on natural ingredients - fruits and herbs, which contain dietary fiber and help the intestines.

Delicious and pleasant solutions for constipation

Evalar, a leading dietary supplement brand in Europe, developed chewable tablets " Phytolax " - a soft lozenge. They are easy to use, as they do not require drinking water! The following components are included in the Fitolax fruit tablets:

• Apricot Powder (340 mg) - activates intestinal peristalsis;

• Senna extract (210 mg) - enhances peristalsis, supports the natural motor function of the intestine;

• Plantain extract (15 mg) - protects the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract from irritation.

• Fruits of dill (0.2 mg) - reduces discomfort in the intestines, reduces gas formation;

In the evening, take Phytolax, and you will see results in the morning! The natural components of the soothing agent act throughout the night and gently resolve the problem in the morning. This will preserve the natural biorhythms of the body, and at the same time will help to gently adjust the work of the intestine.

With long-term use of any herbal remedy, there is a slight decrease in its effectiveness. It is generally accepted that this is the result of the organism's adaptation to the plant's active substances and forced purification, therefore peristalsis is reduced. After a slight interruption in admission (10-14 days), the sensitivity of the body is restored.
Phytolax is a 100% natural laxative. There are a variety of forms of it: chewable tablets, tea, liquid concentrate, and chocolate.

Now, let's consider these 12 different ways to remedy constipation. Here are 12 natural ways to treat constipation naturally, including abdominal massage. There are also teas that can help to treat constipation. Most people think of aloe vera as a natural remedy for burns or as a digestive aid, but dried, ground aloe vera can also be used as a tea to help with constipation. Alternatively, here are few more things you can do to end your constipation.

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