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Biodegradable Bandage That Prevents Scarring and Doesn't Need To Be Removed or Changed

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Biodegradable bandage

A team of young scientists in Russia introduced a new therapeutic material based on nanofibers made of polycaprolactone, modified with a thin film with antibacterial composition and components of human blood plasma. Biodegradable dressings from such fibers increase the growth of tissue cells, which contributes to the normal regeneration of damaged tissues and also prevents the formation of scars in severe burns.


In regenerative medicine, one of the main objectives is the effective restoration of damaged skin tissues and prevention of scarring. Scars are formed every time the skin is severely exposed, not limited to the outer layer of the skin, whether it be because of a cut, burn or skin diseases such as acne or a fungal infection.

Scar tissue consists mainly of unidirectional collagen and is significantly different from the tissues that it replaces. For example, scars are more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and they do not restore sweat glands and hair follicles.

Multi-layer "bandages" from biodegradable fibers

"The solution to this medical problem was proposed by employees of the laboratory," said the Inorganic Nanomaterials "NITU" MISiS senior researcher, Dr. Anton Manakhov. “The team of scientists managed to create multi-layer "bandages" from biodegradable fibers and multifunctional bioactive nanofilms preventing scarring and accelerating the regeneration of tissues,” said Alevtina Chernikova, head of the Institute of Information Technologies and Information Technologies. Adding an antibacterial effect by introducing silver nanoparticles or attaching an antibiotic, as well as increasing bioactivity due to adding hydrophilic groups and plasma proteins to the surface, provided unique healing properties to the material.

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When applying these bandages to the injured area, there is a significant acceleration in the healing process, successful regeneration of normal skin tissues, and prevention of scar formation at the site of the burned or damaged fragment. Antibacterial components of multifunctional nanofibres reduce inflammation, and blood plasma with an increased amount of platelets - the most important of all elements in the healing process - stimulates the process of tissue regeneration.

Bandage Doesn't Need To Be Changed or Removed

The bandage does not need to be removed or changed during treatment. After a certain amount of time, the biodegradable fiber simply "dissolves" in the body.

"We managed to create a stable layer containing chemical components of blood plasma (growth factors, fibrinogens, and other important proteins that promote cell growth) with chemical bonds on the polycaprolactone substrate.

Basic fibers were synthesized by the method of electroforming,” says one of the participants in the project, Elizaveta Permyakova. “Then, using a plasma treatment, a polymer layer containing carboxyl groups was applied to the surface in order to increase the hydrophilic properties of the material. The resulting layer was enriched with antibacterial and protein components.”

To date, the development team has already conducted a series of preclinical trials in conjunction with the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine in Novosibirsk. The results showed that with the use of innovative dressings, the process of cell regeneration accelerated two-fold.