5 Spring To-Do List and Don't Forget Air Condition Filters

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Spring home cleaning

Spring is almost here, with the spring equinox being a little over a month away. This means that summertime and warm weather are right around the corner. However, there are some things that need to be done before the start of spring. Here is a short list of to-dos that everyone should take note of before the spring season begins.


Get Allergy Medicine. With springtime comes allergies, especially to pollen, making it some people’s most dreaded season. Don’t forget to buy some allergy medicine and take it so that, when the flowers bloom, it doesn’t affect you as badly.

Get out all of your warmer clothes. While, depending on where you live, the start of spring doesn’t necessarily mean warmer weather, sooner or later it will begin to get warm. It’s time to brush off the dust on your brightly colored dresses or dress shirts and organize them in your closet.

Change your air and fridge filters. This may not be something you’d normally think about when you think of how to prepare for warm weather, but not changing your filters can be harmful to your health. If you never change your filters, they can become home to all sorts of nasty bacteria and other things you would never think about. With the help of a company like FilterSnap, changing your filters is easier than ever before. You simply tell the company what size your filters are, what quality you need, and your desired replacement schedule. The cost can be as little as $3.97 per month!


It so important to change your filters regularly. "The longer a filter is installed the dirtier it gets. A dirty filter blocks the flow of air into your home’s heating / cooling system. This causes your system to have to work harder and longer to reach the temperature you desire for your house. In some cases, the cheaply constructed filters available at most stores will start to lose their shape and allow unfiltered air to flow around them. Over time this can cause damage to the internal parts of your heating / cooling system leading to costly repair bills," said CEO of FilterSnap, Shane Kenny to eMaxHealth.

What will happen if you miss a month or two? Nearly all filters on the market are designed to hold the average amount of dust that passes through a homes heating / cooling system in 90 days. This means that the efficiency of the filter drops starting the first day and by day 90 it has reached the threshold for minimum efficiency a filter should have. Using the filter for longer may not have a huge impact right away, but over time the wear and tear of making you system work harder and longer will lead to costly repairs.

Clean your windows and furniture! Make sure you get rid of all the dust and crumbs lying around. Do a deep and thorough cleaning of your whole house. Vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms, everything. Here is a great 30 day cleaning list for spring.

Plant! You don’t need to be a farmer to plant some beautiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Planting your own goods helps ensure that what you are eating is natural. Not only that, but working with nature and spending time outside are good exercise and help you to stay healthy.


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