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Food Nutrition

New Guidelines On Fish Consumption For Females Of Childbearing Age, Young Children

Alaska health officials on Monday released new guidelines on the amount of local fish women and girls of child bearing age, and young children should consume, the Anchorage Daily News reports. According to the recommendations, these groups can eat salmon from local waters in unlimited amounts without risking overexposure to mercury but should limit consumption of large halibut, shark, large lingcod, yellow eye rockfish and spiny dogfish because of mercury levels found in the fish.

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Researchers probe risks, benefits of folic acid fortification

Since the institution of nationwide folic acid fortification of enriched grains in the mid 1990s, the number of infants born in the United States and Canada with neural tube defects has declined by 20 percent to 50 percent. However, the rate at which new cases of colorectal cancer were diagnosed in men and women increased.

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