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Discover How Easily Soyfoods Can Be Incorporated into a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

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Soyfood Nutrients

The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) announces its seventh annual "Soyfoods Month" celebration throughout the month of April in 2003. The months leading to summer provide the perfect time for people to reassess and modify their eating habits and adding soyfoods is a simple - and healthy - change that everyone can make. Soyfoods Month 2003 is geared towards both raising consumer awareness of the delicious soy products found in supermarkets and showing the ease with which these products can be introduced into everyday life.

Soyfoods is one of the fastest growing categories of food in the marketplace. With over 75+ new products added in the past two years, it's a category which already includes over 2500 products. In today's health-conscious environment filled with consumers interested in longevity, sales of soyfoods grew 27% in supermarkets (2001), indicating mainstream acceptance.

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"Today, the average American is becoming more aware of the effects of diet on overall health, especially in light of recent studies about the obesity epidemic. They are looking for healthy food choices to lower risk of disease and extend longevity," says Nancy Chapman, Executive Director of SANA. "Soyfoods are perfect for weight and health conscious children, teenagers, and adults. They are low in saturated fat and cholesterol, yet they provide high quality protein and essential nutrients. Soyfoods Month 2003 will educate the public about how easy soyfoods are to find, prepare and incorporate into both a healthy lifestyle and delicious cooking."

Now That I Want It, Where Do I Get Soy?

The incredible variety of soyfoods available in nearly every supermarket make it clear that soy is a whole lot more than just tofu. The "traditional" products such as tofu, soymilk, tempeh and miso come in new flavors and new packages, ready to consume. Supermarkets today also stock a wide variety of frozen soy entrees, edamame and deli slices, soy burgers, soy hot dogs and soy sausages. The refrigerated section offers numerous soy-based beverages, as well as tantalizing cultured soy and cheese substitutes. Consumers on-the-go can find everything from energy bars to soy nuts and soy chips, also available in many flavors.

The quickly growing selection of products makes it easier than ever to consumer healthy soy protein. Consumers can start the day with soymilk and cereal or toast with soy nut butter, followed by a tempting soy burger or tofu stir-fry for lunch. Many people also add soy creamers to coffee or enjoy a Soy Caf