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After-School Snacks Round Out Nutrition

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Nutrition and Snacks

When your kids run in the door after a day at school, a snack usually is the first thing on their minds.

Be sure to encourage and offer your children healthy snack foods, which should include some carbohydrates and a little protein. For the greatest variety of nutrients, try to incorporate whole grains, fruits, vegetables or beans into your kids' snack-eating plan.

Some ideas for nutritious snacks include:

  • A bean burrito

  • A cheese quesadilla with salsa and lettuce

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  • A yogurt and fruit smoothie with graham crackers

  • A bowl of whole-grain cereal topped with sliced fruit and milk

  • A small salad with sliced deli meat, tuna or beans

  • Fruit, cheese and whole-grain crackers.

For more healthful children's snack ideas as well as the most-reliable food and nutrition information, contact a dietetics professional.